Programs and Activities

Nutrition and cooking seminars


Our nutrition and healthy eating workshops are designed to help you change your thinking on how you cook and consume food. Each class is taught by a mix of seminar-style talks and hands-on activities. Classes can include games, case studies, recipes, nutritional advice and more!

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Get Active Dance and More


Move and shake your way to a being a better dancer, or start your journey with our trained and professional staff. 

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Get Active on the holidays

New Program will come out March 2019.




Being healthy, physically active and socially engaged throughout your life has many benefits, especially as you grow older. Our Active Ageing Program supports our community to participate socially and engage with others in a fun & friendly atmosphere. This contributes to your overall health and wellbeing by strengthening your sense of belonging and creating social relationships. A program that caters for all abilities.

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We offer a range of activities to choose from:

  • Musical Adventures 

  • Bus trips 

  • Various Exercise Programs 

  • Dance classes 

  • Glee Club (group singing) 

  • Chair Based Activities 

  • Craft & Knitting 

  • Swimming




Get down and boogie at our all inclusive DISCO for People with disabilities. Groovy Hip Hop DJ will keep you dancing through the night.

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Programs for all abilities.

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