Group fitness and workshops

Hume City Council Leisure Centres offer a great range of Group Fitness programs for the enjoyment of all abilities and levels of fitness.

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 Bodypump man rainsing a barbell
 Sunbury Group Fitness Timetable


Enjoy your workout

  • let the instructor know if, it is your first time, if you are pregnant or if you have any injuries or conditions
  • listen to the instructor for exercise modifications
  • don't forget your workout towel and water bottle
  • consume fluids before, during and after the class to maintain adequate hydration levels
  • if you feel any discomfort, please stop and notify the instructor
  • please arrive early for equipment based programs
  • if you are using the Childcare service, please arrive on time to assist with class changeovers
  • all classes are normally of 45-minute duration
  • classes may be cancelled or altered at any time without notification
  • patrons who are five minutes late will not be permitted into the class

Our timetables are updated quarterly or as the availability of trainers change. Not all classes are available at all centres.

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Updated : 11:53 AM, 28 January 2020

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