Dogs Off-Leash Areas

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Designated dogs off-leash areas

In designated dogs off-leash areas dogs must be under effective control at all times and the owner needs to:

  • be in sight of their dog and the dog responds to its owner’s command whether verbal or visual.
  • carry a leash, one for each dog under their control.
  • comply with any site-specific rules and regulations, including but not limited to time restrictions and regulations associated with fenced off leash areas.
  • pick up dog excrement and dispose of it responsibly.

Dogs must be on a short leash:

  • within 10 metres of a car park or roadway.
  • within 10 metres of outdoor exercise equipment.
  • within 10 metres of formal picnic facilities including public BBQ facilities or a permanent picnic shelter, even if these facilities are in a designated dogs off-leash area.
  • within 10 metres of a formal sporting competition or training event.
  • on a trail or within 10 metres of a trail. Dogs are not allowed to hinder people on the trail.
  • within 10 metres of a school or preschool boundary.
  • within 10 metres of a wetland and or water body.
  • within 10 metres of a market or community event, such as festivals and fun runs.
  • within 50 metres of a playspace, BMX/skate facility, or similar facility.

 Download a listing all dog off-leash areas in Hume City.

Fenced dog off-leash areas

A fenced dog off-leash area may contain several activity areas, including open ball play areas and natural rummaging environments such as rock scramble areas and grassed areas, drinking water and dog owner amenities.

Fenced dog off-leash areas provide a community setting where people can socialise together while their dogs interact with the environment.

The benefits fenced dog off-leash areas include:

  • Developing the social and physical skills of dogs.
  • Developing confidence in dogs and socialisation opportunities.
  • Separation of dogs from other park visitors.
  • Protecting sensitive environments.
  • Support older people and people with disabilities to exercise their dogs.
  • Offering an environment where responsible dog ownership is encouraged.

To ensure fenced off-leash dog parks are safe and pleasant places to be, the following applies in addition to the general rules:

  • Maximum of two dogs per person.
  • Dogs must be 6 months or older.
  • Dogs need to be fully vaccinated.
  • Aggressive dogs are not welcome.
  • Children under 5 not permitted.
  • Children under 14 not allowed to supervise dogs.
  • No chokers or spiked collars.
  • No toys or rough handling.
  • No food in dog park, training treats excepted.
  • The owner must carry a leash, one for each dog under their control.

Furthermore, dogs must:

  • Wear a collar.
  • Wear current Council registration tags.
  • Be fully supervised.
  • Be under effective voice control.
  • Be on a leash outside the dog park.

  Download a listing all dog off-leash areas in Hume City.

Maps of dog off-leash areas by suburbs

Broadmeadows dog off-leash areas
Bulla dog off-leash area
Campbellfield dog off-leash areas
Coolaroo dog off-leash area
Craigieburn dog off-leash areas
Dallas dog off-leash areas
Gladstone Park dog off-leash areas
Jacana dog off-leash areas
Meadow Heights dog off-leash areas
Roxburgh Park dog off-leash area
Sunbury dog off-leash areas
Tullamarine dog off-leash areas
Westmeadows dog off-leash areas

Updated : 4:55 PM, 21 January 2020

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