Jack Roper Reserve


217 Camp Road, Broadmeadows. Melway Ref 7 B10

Please note: There is currently a possible algal bloom at Jack Roper Reserve Lake, giving the illusion that the lake has receded.

This issue has been reported to Melbourne Water who manage this body of water.

 Please take the following precautions:

  • Take note of the signage located around the lake
  • Do not have contact with the water – this can cause skin irritations, mild respiratory issues and hay fever symptoms
  • Ingesting or drinking the water can cause gastroenteritis symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever and headaches
  • Do not allow pets to enter or drink the water
  • Do not fish or eat fish from the lake

 If you do come into contact with the water, please do the following:

  • remove wet clothing and wash/rinse off any affected area if necessary (and wash clothing before wearing again)
  • Use good hygiene practices
  • If any health-related symptoms are present, consult a doctor and avoid further exposure.

Jack Roper Reserve is one Hume’s most popular parks.
Set beside a lake (a Melbourne Water retarding basin) the park facilities include a large playspace, barbecue and picnic facilities, public toilets, a soccer field, large car park and walking/cycling paths that connect into Moreland and to the Western Ring Road Bike Path.

A Master Plan for Jack Roper Reserve was undertaken in 2012 and it identifies a range of improvements to ensure that the park continues to meet the needs of the community.

Playspace Redevelopment

The main playspace is being completely redeveloped in stages as of 2014.
New swings and climbing nets have already been installed and the old timber fort structure has been removed.
Some new paths will be constructed in February 2016 which may require the closure of the playspace for a short time so the works can be undertaken safely.

Public Toilets Upgrade
The public toilets are currently being upgraded. This includes improved facilities for people with a disability and their carers, a new layout, new fixtures and fittings and a general makeover. Temporary facilities are being provided while works are being undertaken. It is anticipated that these works will be completed in March 2016.

 For more information contact council on 9205 2200.



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Updated : 9:57 AM, 31 December 2019

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