Craigieburn Parks & Reserves

Parks and Reserves, Address, Melway Reference 

Abercan-Weymouth-Verwood Walkway, Abercan Avenue 180B1
Abercan Avenue Reserve, Abercan Avenue 180A1
Aitken Creek Linear Reserve, Hume Highway / Golf Course 387 & 386
Axminster - Raheen Walkway, 52 Exmouth Road 386 J10
Bainbridge - Kirkbridge Walkway, Bainbridge Close 387B10
Bampton - Brayford Walkway, Bampton Mews 386J12
Bampton Reserve, Bampton Mews 386H12
Banbury Crescent Reserve, 84 Banbury Crescent 386H7
Bank Street Reserve, 14 Bank Street 386K8
Banstead - Bembridge Walkway, Banstead Nook 386 J12
Bembridge -Brecon Walkway, Bembridge Mews 386 J12
Benston - Carlisle - Hothlyn Walkway,  Carlisle Street 387B10
Benston - Crockett Walkway, Benston Street & Crockett Avenue 387B10
Benston - Hardy Walkway, Benston Street & Hay Street 387B10
Bowral - Olrig Walkway, 21 Olrig Road 387A3
Bridgewater - Woking Walkway, Woking Street 386K12
Bristol - Banstead Walkway, Bristol Mews 386 J12

Canisby Way Reserve, 22 Canisby Way 387A3 
Carlton Court Reserve, Carlton Crescent 387B10
Central  -  Bellfield Common, 16 Bellfield Drive 386D6
Chelmsford - Heytesbury Walkway, Chelmsford Crescent 386 J11
Cimberwood - Bank Walkway, Cimberwood Drive / Bank Street 386K8
Cimberwood Drive Reserve 53 Cimberwood Drive 386J7
Cimberwood-Studley Walkway, 15 Cimberwood Drive / 16 Studley Street 386 J8
Clovelly Drive Reserve, 30 Clovelly Drive 386J9
Coral  - Burn Court Reserve, 10 Burn Court 387A8

Centennial Park Drive Reserve

1 Centennial Park Drive, Craigieburn
Includes a playground and BBQ but no public toilets. (Ref 386 G5)

Craigieburn Bicentennial Park

235 Craigieburn Road West, Craigieburn
Includes a playground with swings, BBQ and public toilets. (Ref 386 H9)

Craigieburn Gardens,   387A10
Crawley Court Reserve,  Crawley Crescent 386H7

D.S Aitken Reserve

136 Craigieburn Road 387A9.

Dent - Lydd - Langdon Walkway, Dent Close,  Lydd Crescent 387A11
Dewvale Place Reserve, 1 & 17 Dewvale Place 386H12
Diane – Velonia Walkway, 16 Studley Street  386J8
Dorchester Street Reserve, 100 Dorchester Street 386H8
Dulwich - Waterdale Walkway, 6 Dulwich Lane 386G12
Eastgate Road Reserve, 11 Eastgate Road 387B11
Edington - Manningtree Walkway, Edington  Way / Manningtree Parade 180A1
Egton Court Walkway,  Egton Court(front of no 10) 387A9
Exmouth - Raheen Walkway, Exmouth Road / Raheen Place 386J10

Fairways Lake Reserve, 7 Fairways Boulevard 386 H12
Farnham -Raheen Walkway, Farnham Crescent / Raheen Place 386J10
Flagstaff - Grand Walkway, 39 Flagstaff Loop 387B5
Flora – Hansen Reserve, 4 Flora Lane 387 A6
Franklin – Alma Walkway, Franklin Crescent 386J9

Golden Sun Moth Park, 327 Grand Boulevard
Grand Blvd - Mt Ridley Reserve
Reserve both sides North & South - Monterey Walk, Hume Highway / Grand Boulevard 387B5
Grand Boulevard Pine Reserve, - Monetrey 117 Royal Terrace 386J2
Greenfield Court Reserve, 2 Eldergreen Crescent 386 H 12
Grosvenor Square Reserve, 2 Grosvenor Square 386 E7

Hambledon - Kelsey Walkway, Hambledon Crescent 386K10
Hamilton Hume Reserve 61, 41 Hamilton –  387A4 Hume Parade 
Hanson Road Sporting Reserve, 2 Malcolm Creek Road 387A5
Heathwood Place Reserve, Heathwood Place 387A6
Henley Close Reserve, 5 Henley Close 179K1
Heytesbury - Axminster Walkway, Heytesbury Court / Axminister Drive 386H10

Highgate Playground, Highgate Recreation Reserve

Cleveland Drive, Craigieburn.
The new playground includes state-of-the-art equipment and is designed not only for the kids, but for adults too. (Melway Ref 386 J3)

Hilton Street Reserve, 20 Hilton Street 387C8
Hothlyn - Falmouth Walkway, Falmouth Crescent  180A1
Hothlyn Drive Reserve, Hothlyn Drive 180A1
Hyde Park Reserve, 37 Hyde Park Avenue 386K4

Jacaranda - Wilmott Walkway, 71 Wilmott Drive 386J6
Joe Sullivan Reserve, 8 Craigieburn Road 387C9
Kapalua Place Reserve, 2 Kapalua Place 386G11
Langdon Crescent Reserve, Langdon  Crescent / Dent Close / Gillingham Crescent 387A11 "Leawood Glade Reserve
Malcolm Creek Linear Park" "Leawood Glade, Creekwood Drive" 387A6
Lee Street Reserve,  Lee Street 387A8
Leigh - Banbury Walkway, Leigh Crescent / Banbury Crescent 386H7
Litton - Carlisle Walkway, Litton Crescent 387C10
Longtown - Hothlyn Walkway, Longtown Crescent / Hothlyn Drive 387B12
Longtown – Parton –  Longtown Crescent, Parton Place, St Austell Crescent 387B12 St Austell Walkway  

Malcolm Creek Linear Park, Hanson Road 387 A6
Medstead - Bridgewater Walkway, Medstead Crescent 386K11
Merri Creek Reserve, Rushwood Drive, Frog Crescent 180 E1
Metropolitan - Cimberwood Walkway, Metropolitan Avenue 387K7
Metropolitan Avenue Reserve, 21 Metropolitan Avenue 386K7
Midhurst  - Trecastle  Reserve, 9 Midhurst Crescent, 11 Trecastle Crescent 386H6
Milburn - Bainbridge Walkway, Milburn Place 387B10
Mission Hills - Valhalla Reserve, 16-23 Valhalla Place 386G11
"Mount Piper Rise Reserve
Hamilton Park, Stage 1" 2 Mt Piper Rise /  15 Hamilton Hume Parade 387 A5 
Mulberry Pass  - White Ceder Walkway, Mulberry Pass 386H6
Newlyn - Surrey Walkway, Newlyn  Drive / Surrey Crescent 386J11
Newlyn - Yarcombe Walkway, Newlyn Drive 387J11
Northern Crescent Reserve,  13 Northern Crescent 387B7
Northleigh Avenue Walkway, Northleigh Avenue 387A11
Norval Green Reserve, 13 Grange Rise 387B2

Olrig Field 2, Trowarad Harvey Way 386K3
Pembroke Crescent Reserve, Pembroke Crescent 386J11
Penny - Swinburne Walkway, 12 Penny Lane/11 Swinburne Close 387A4
Peterlee Court Reserve, Peterlee Crescent 387A11
Redhill  - Waterford Walkway, Redhill Crescent 386H8
Rokeby - Dorchester Walkway, Dorchester Street 386J8
Rokeby Crescent Reserve, Rokeby Crescent 386J8

Silverton – Dorchester - Bisley Walkway, Silverton Crescent 386H7
Smeaton - Egton Walkway, Smeaton  Crescent / Egton Crescent 386K10
Spurr Street Reserve, 30 Spurr Street 387A8
St Agnes - Taunton Walkway, St Agnes  Close / Taunton Place 386H11
St Andrews Drive Reserve, 14 St Andrews Drive 386H11
Swansea -  St Agnes Walkway, Swansea Crescent / St Agnes Close 386H11
Swansea - Fairways Walkway, Swansea Crescent 386H11

Taunton - Chelmsford Walkway, Taunton  Place / Chelmsford Crescent 386H11
Tavistock Court Reserve, Tavistock Crescent 386K12
The Garlands, The Garlands 386 J3
"The Greenway Reserve Fairways Village Park" The Greenway / Lakes Drive 386G12
Vic Foster Reserve, Pines Way 387A7

Waterford Park, 19 Waterford Avenue ,  386 J12
Wattleglen - Cimberwood Walkway, Wattleglen Street 386K8
Whitby - Windrock Walkway, 7 Whitby Place 386K3
Whitley Crescent Reserve, Whitley Crescent 387B11
Winsham - Banbury Walkway, Winsham Crescent 386J7
Woodlea Reserve, Creekwood Drive / Woodlea Crescent 386K6 
Yarcombe Crescent Reserve, 33 Yarcombe Crescent 386J12

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