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 Reserve Address 
 Elmhurst Park  Elmhurst Drive, Gladstone Park
 Greenvale Recreation  Somerton Road, Greenvale
(next to Tennis Club - entrance Section Road)
 Hothlyn Reserve  Hothlyn Drive, Craigieburn
 Kelvin Delaine Reserve  Antwerp Street, Dallas
 Murchison Square  McKinley Drive, Roxburgh Park
 Progress Reserve  Bushfield Crescent, Coolaroo
 Santa Cruz Reserve  Santa Cruz Boulevard, Roxburgh Park



 Reserve  Address
Alan S Barry Reserve  Somerset Road, Campbellfield
Anderson Reserve Glen Allen Street, Broadmeadows
Banksia Gardens Pearcedale Parade, Broadmeadows
Barrymore Road Recreation Reserve Barrymore Road, Greenvale
Bellfield Common Bellfield Drive, Craigieburn
Bradshaw Avenue Reserve Bradshaw Avenue, Craigieburn
Brickwood Reserve Brickwood Circuit, Craigieburn
Broadmeadows Valley Park Girgarre Street, Broadmeadows
Buchan Street Reserve Buchan Street, Meadow Heights
Century Park Lindwall Street, Sunbury
Clopton Rise Reserve Clopton Rise, Craigieburn
Clyne Court Reserve Clyne Court, Tullamarine
Craigieburn Gardens Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn
Derby Street Reserve Derby Street, Tullamarine 
Elmhurst Park Elmhurst Drive, Gladstone Park
Fantasy Park Rocklands Rise, Meadow Heights
Forrest Street Reserve Forrest Street, Sunbury
Golden Sun Moth Park Grand Boulevard, Craigieburn
Greenvale Drive Reserve  Greenvale Drive, Greenvale
Grey Box Woodlands Park  Garner Parade, Dallas
Harricks Crescent Reserve  Harricks Crescent
Hothlyn Drive Reserve  Hothlyn Drive, Craigieburn
Johnstone Street Reserve  Johnstone Street, Jacana
Kevin Delaine Reserve Antwerp Street, Dallas 
Lightwood Crescent Reserve Melaleuca Drive, Meadow Heights 
Malcolm Creek Parkland Serenity Way, Craigieburn 
Manley Square  Richmond Terrace, Roxburgh Park
Marne Drive Reserve  Marne Drive, Roxburgh Park
McEwan Drive  Reserve  McEwan Drive, Sunbury
Murchison Square   McKinley Drive, Roxburgh Park 
Napoli Park   Napoli Circuit, Greenvale
Olrig Field   Windrock Avenue, Craigieburn
Progress Reserve  Bushfield Crescent, Coolaroo
Redwood Close Reserve  Redwood Close, Meadow Heights 
Rokewood Close Reserve  Rokewood Crescent, Meadow Heights
Santa Cruz Reserve  Santa Cruz Boulevard, Roxburgh Park
Scullin Court Reserve  Gowrie Court, Sunbury
Shankland Boulevard Reserve  Karoona Court, Meadow Heights
Sycamore Crescent Reserve  Sycamore Crescent, Campbellfield
Tangemere Avenue Reserve  Tangemere Avenue, Tullamarine 
The Greenway  The Greenway, Craigieburn
Treehouse Park  Swallow Street, Craigieburn
Tulsa Drive Reserve  Tulsa Drive, Sunbury
Ventnor Crescent Reserve  Ventnor Crescent, Coolaroo
Vic Foster Reserve  Pines Way, Craigieburn
Volantis Crescent Reserve  Volantis Crescent, Roxburgh Park
Westmeadows Reserve  Ardlie Street, Westmeadows
Whitley Crescent Reserve  Whitley Crescent, Craigieburn
Yarcombe Crescent Reserve  Yarcombe Crescent, Craigieburn



Exercise Stations Reserve   Address Elements 
 Anderson Reserve exercise stations Anderson Reserve

Glen Allan Street,

Chin up
Turn over bars
Push press
Bicycle, skier
Horse rider
Push up bars 

 Central Park exercise stations  Central Park Centennial Park Drive, Craigieburn 

Parallel bars
Step ups
Incline/decline chest press
Chin up/turn over bar
Decline sit up bench
Stretch station
Seated hamstring/lumbar bar stretch
Standing hamstring stretch 

 Craigieburn Gardens exercise stations Craigieburn Gardens Craigieburn Road
(behind the Craigieburn Leisure Centre)

Cycle seat
Shoulder press
Ezy rider
Chin ups
Butterfly press
Ab hip swinger
Rowing machine 

 Malcolm Creek parklands exercise stations Malcolm Creek Parkland Between Mt Ridley Road & Grand Boulevard, Craigieburn 

Stretch bar
Fitness log loop
Push ups
Sit ups
Step ups
Fitness bench curl
Body curl
Chin ups
Seated dips 

 Napoli Park exercise stations Napoli Park   Napoli Circuit, Greenvale

Push up bars
Push press
Bicycle x3
Chin-up/turn-over bars
Exercise bench 

 Sunbury Recreation Reserve exercise stations Sunbury Recreation Reserve Riddell Road,

Aerobic cycle (x2)
Body dips 
Body pulls
Body twists
Chest press
Elliptical trainer
Leg press
Leg raises
Multi bars
Parallel bars
Pull downs
Pull ups
Push ups
Sit up bench
Step ups
Stretch station
Zig-zag balance beam 



Reserve  Address 
 Bannerman Street Reserve  Bannerman Street, Sunbury
 Barrymore Road Reserve  Barrymore Road, Greenvale 
 Bradford Avenue Reserve  Bradford Road, Greenvale
 Broadmeadows Valley Park  Ripplebrook Drive, Broadmeadows
Canadian Court Reserve  Canadian Court, Meadow Heights
 Napoli Park  Napoli Circuit, Greenvale
 Norval Green  Earl Grove, Craigieburn
 Redwood Close Reserve  Redwood Close, Meadow Heights
 Serenity Park Soccer  Serenity Way, Craigieburn
 Shankland Tarcoola Reserve Shankland Boulevard, Meadow Heights
 Shankland Tarcoola Sth  Karoonda Court, Meadows Heights
 Watermill Park  Watermill Avenue, Craigieburn



  no of courts Courts Address 
 Public Tennis Courts- Hepburn Street, Dallas          2 Dallas  Hepburn Street, Dallas
 Public Tennis Courts - Hume Highway, Campbellfield          2 Seth Raistick Reserve Sydney Road
(Corner Campbell Street)
 Public Tennis Courts - Greenway, Craigieburn          1 Craigieburn  The Greenway, Craigieburn
 Public Tennis Courts - Mareeba Way, Craigieburn          1 Craigieburn  Mareeba Way, Craigieburn
 Public Tennis Courts - Serenity Way, Craigieburn       1  Craigieburn Serenity Way, Craigieburn 
 Public Tennis Court - Grove Road, Craigieburn          2 Treehouse Park 15 Grove Road, Craigieburn
 Public Tennis Courts - Normandy Drive, Greenvale          1 Greenvale  Normandy Drive, Greenvale
 Public Tennis Courts - Greenvale Drive, Greenvale          1 Greenvale  Greenvale Drive, Greenvale
 Public Tennis Courts - Ligar Street, Sunbury          3 Sunbury Aquatic and Leisure Centre #  Ligar Street, Sunbury 
 Public Tennis Courts - Derby Street, Tullamarine          4 Tullamarine Derby Street, Tullamarine



Courts Address

Craigieburn Gardens

Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn

Geranium Drive Reserve

Geranium Drive, Sunbury


All the above facilities are available in daylight hours, no bookings necessary.

For more information on activities in Hume City phone 9205 2200, email

 # Hire fees and bookings apply


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