Broadmeadows Parks & Reserves

 Parks and Reserves, Address and Melway Reference

Anderson Reserve, 2 Glen Allan Street - 6H11

Banksia Gardens, 71 Pearcedale Parade - 6G7

Berkeley Close Reserve, 34 Academy Drive - 7C6

Broadmeadows Town Park, Pearcedale Parade - 6G7
Link to more information about Broadmeadows Town Park

Broadmeadows Valley Park, Barry Road - 6G4

Cavendish Street Reserve, 7 Cavendish Street - 6F7

Civic Plaza (Global Learning Centre), 1093 Pascoe Vale Road - 6H8

Electric Reserve, Electric & Graham Street - 6G10

Grey Box Woodland Reserve, Columbia Circuit  - 7D6

Jack Roper Reserve

217 Camp Road, Broadmeadows - (Melway ref. 7B10).
Includes two playgrounds, BBQs, picnic areas and public toilets.
During 2015, the main playspace is being completely redeveloped.
New swings and climbing nets have already been installed and the old timber fort structure will be removed. New paths will be constructed in June which may require the closure of the playspace for a short time so the works can be undertaken safely.The main construction works are expected to commence in late July 2015. Council and contractors will try to maintain access to the swings, climbing nets and flying fox during construction.

Johnstone Street Reserve Playground

Johnstone Street, Broadmeadows. Includes a wave bridge, a fireman's pole, two different styles of slides, a see-saw, a double swing frame and a new footpath - (Melway ref.6 F8)

Katunga / Cavendish Walkway, Cavendish / Coleraine Streets - 6G6

Katunga / Ripplebrook Walkway, 17 Katunga Crescent - 6G6

Kitchener Street Reserve, 117-119 Kitchener Street - 6J8

Maygar Grasslands, 11 Academy Drive - 7C6

Merlynston Creek Corridor, Camp Road - Benalla Street - 7B5 B9

Merricks Street Reserve, 5-7 Merricks Street - 6E7

Northcorp Boulevard Reserve North, 4 Northcorp Boulevard - 7E9

Northcorp Boulevard Reserve South, 2 Lakeside Drive - 7D9

Olsen Place Shopping Mall, Olsen Place - 6J10

Rotary Park

Johnstone Street, 59 Johnstone Street, Broadmeadows
Includes a playground, BBQ, skate park, flying fox but no public toilets (planned for later this year). (Melway ref. 6 F9)

Seabrook Reserve, Goulbourn Street - 7A8

The Knoll, 16 Stamford Crescent - 7C6

"Will Will Rook Pioneer Cemetery Heritage Site," 220 Camp Road - 7B9 

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