Sunbury Parks & Reserves

 Parks and Reserves, Address, Melway Reference

Abelia  Court Reserve, Abelia Crescent 381G3
Acheron Court Reserve, Acheron Crescent 382A4
Ainsdale Court Reserve, Ainsdale Crescent  382K6
Albert Road Nature Reserve, 110 Albert Road 362 C7
Anderson Road Reserve, 74 Anderson Road 382B4
Angas Court Walkway, Angas Crescent 381K7

Apex Park, Sunbury Road, Sunbury

Includes a playground with swings, BBQ and public toilets. (Melway Ref 382 G5)

Balliol Common Reserve, Balliol Common 382K3
Baradine Court Walkway, Baradin Crescent 381H3
Barb-Highdale Walkway, 5 The Barb 382F7
Belleview - Viaduct Way, Corridor Belleview Drive / 382C6 B9
Birchwood Place Walkway, 7 Birchwood Place 382C7
Blackwood - Parkview Walkway, 26 Lauriston Way 382 D6
Blackwood - Shields Walkway, 24 Shields Street 382D6
Blind Creek Parklands, 18 Knox Court 382D2
Blind Creek Parklands, 2 Elizabeth Drive to Riddell Rd 382B2 D3
Blind Creek Parklands, 3 Philip Drive to Elizabeth Drive 382A2 361H12
Bradman - Higgs Walkway, Bradman Drive 381H6
Bundoran - Gleneagles Walkway, Bundoran Crescent 383A5

Boardman Reserve/Stadium

Wilsons Lane, Sunbury Melway Ref. 381G5. Details:
A $5.75 million redevelopment of Sunbury’s Boardman Stadium is now complete and open to the local community. This major project included the addition of two new indoor sports courts that have helped transform it into a key regional sports facility.

Carey - Ruyton Walkway, Carey  Crescent/ Ruyton Crescent 383A3
Carlson Street Reserve, 5 Carlson Street 382B6
Carnoustie - Tulsa School Walkway, Tulsa Drive / Carnoustie Drive 382K4
Carnoustie Drive Reserve, Carnoustie Drive 382K5
Cawl Court Walkway, Cawl Crescent 383A5
Century Park, 7 Lindwall Street 381H7
Clyde - Magdalene Walkway, Clyde Crescent / Magdalene Crescent 383A4
Clyde - Ruyton Walkway, Ruyton Crescent/ Clyde Crescent 383A3
Counsel Court Walkway, Counsel Crescent 362B12
Cumberland - Darbyshire Walkway, Darbyshire Street 382C4
Curtin Drive Reserve, Curtin Drive 362D12

Darwin Street Reserve, 14 Darwin Street 381K4
De Lisle Avenue Reserve, De Lisle Avenue/ Tennyson Crescent 362C10
Dobell Avenue Reserve, 18 Dobell Avenue 381J3
Dolan Court Reserve, Dolan Crescent  381H5
Donnelly Close Walkway, Donnelly Close 382E7
Dowling Court Reserve, - Caitlyn Street Reserve Dowling Crescent 381H4
Dunrossil Drive Reserve,  Dunrossil Drive 362E11
Dyson Drive Walkway, Dyson Drive 381H3

Emu Bottom Recreation Reserve, Racecourse Road 362F7
Eric Boardman Memorial Reserve, Mitchells Lane 381G5
Eton - Muscat Walkway, Eton  Close / Muscat Crescent  381G2
Eton - Oxford Walkway, Eton Close / Oxford Crescent 382J3
Evans Street Grassland, 128 Evans Street 382D5 D6
Florence Lane Reserve, Florence Lane 382D9
Forrest Street Reserve, Forrest Street 381K4
Forster Court Walkway, Forster Crescent 362D11
Francis - Carnarvon Walkway, Carnarvon Crescent 382J4
Francis - Monterey Walkway, Monterey Crescent 382J4
Fraser Court Reserve, Fraser Crescent 382B5

Galaxy Land - Jackson Park 

1-25 Betula Terrace, SunburyIncludes a playground with swings and BBQ and new public toilets. (Melway Ref 382 C8)

Gap - Ligar Walkway, Ligar Street 382C4
Gap - Miller Walkway, Miller Street 382C4
Gap - Paisley Walkway, Paisley Street 382C4
Gibson Court Reserve, 9 Gibson Crescent, 5 Black Close 381G2
Glenauburn Court Walkway, Glenaburn Crescent 382B1
Gleneagles - Medinah Walkway, Gleneagles Drive/  383A5
 Medinah Close 
Googly Park 2 Noble Way 381G5
Goonawarra Recreation  Reserve, Melbourne-Lancefield Road 383B2
Gosse - Cowper Reserve, 6 Gosse Crescent &  381J4
 15 Cowper Crescent 
Gowrie Reserve, Gowrie Crescent 362D11
Greenhills Court Walkway, Greenhills Crescent 361J10
Grey Court Walkway, Grey Crescent 382A7
Grout - Horan Walkway, Horan Place 381H6
Grout - Richie Walkway, Richie Crescent 381H6
Gruner Street Reserve, 10 Gruner Street 382A3
Haines - Turner Walkway, Haines Crescent 362D12
"Hammersmith Court Reserve"
Jacksons Hill Reserve," 11 Hammersmith Crescent 382G10
Harvard Court Reserve, 8 Harvard Crescent 382J3
Heysen Drive Reserve, Heysen Drive 381J2
Holden Flora & Fauna Reserve, 115 Watsons Road  352G2
Hume Street Reserve, 20 Hume Street 382B4
Jacksons Creek Reserve, Vaughan Street 382G4
Jacksons Creek – Glencoe Drive Reserve, 200 Watsons Road 352K4

Keith - Charter Walkway, Keith Avenue/ Charter Road 381G4
Keith Avenue Reserve, 32 Keith Avenue 381G4
Kereford Place Walkway, Kereford Place 362D12
Kerrie - Renton Walkway, Kerrie Crescent 382A2
Kingsley Drive Reserve, Kingsley Drive 382A6
Kismet Creek Reserve, 1 Canterbury Avenue 362B11 361K10
Kismet Creek Reserve, 2 Elizabeth Drive   362C11 382E2
Kiwanis Park, Sunningdale Road 382K4
La Perouse Reserve, La Perouse Drive 382H3
Lachlan Court Reserve, Lachlan Crescent 362A12
Lakes Drive Walkway, 17 Lakes Drive  382J5
Langama Park, 89 Mitchells Lane 381K6
Lauriston Walkway, 16 Bellview Drive 382D6
Lawson Street Reserve, 7 Flinders Street 382A5
Leo Obrien Reserve, Barkly Street / Terence Street 382E5
Lillee Park, Trumper Crescent 381J7
Logan Court Reserve, Logan Crescent 381K8

McEwen Drive Reserve Playground

21 McEwen Drive, SunburyIncludes a net climber, voice tubes, hanging rings, a see-saw, and a double frame swing. (Melway Ref 362E12)

Magdalene Court Walkway, Magdalene  Crescent/ Peterhouse Crescent 383A4
McDougall Road Walkway, McDougall Road 382B7
McEwen Drive Reserve, McEwen Drive 362D11
Medinah - Rosapenna Walkway, Medinah Crescent 382K4
Meldrum -McCubbin Reserve, Meldrum Crescent 381J3
Mere Court Walkway, Mere Crescent  383A6
Merion Court Walkway, Merion Crescent 383A5
Molvig Rise Walkway, Molvig Rise 381H1
Mt Holden Reserve, Mount Drive 381 F1
Mudie Avenue Reserve, Mudie Avenue 381K2
Muirfield Drive Reserve,   (major) Muirfield Drive  382K6
Muirfield Drive Reserve, (Minor) Muirfield Drive  382K6
Muirfield Drive Walkway, Muirfield Drive 383A5
Nambour - Callender Walkway,  Nambour Drive 362D7
Neill Street Reserve, 76 Paisley Street 382C5

Off Stump Park, Bradman Drive 381H6
Olive - Ridgeon Walkway,  Olive Grove / Ridgeon Crescent  381J1
Olive - Rivergum Walkway, Kathryn Crescent/ Kerrisdale Place 381K2 382A2
Palomino Drive Wetland, 29-31 Palomino Drive 382G7
Palomino Drive Reserve, 11 Palomino Drive 382 G7
Parade - Trinity Walkway, Parade Crescent/ Trinity Crescent 382K3
Parkview Dr Reserve, 22 The Avenue 382D7
Phillip - Milan - Dadswell Walkway, Milan Crescent/ Phillip Drive 361K11
Phillip - Streeton - Dadswell Walkway, Phillip Drive/ Streeton Crescent 361K11
Priorswood - Powlett Walkway,  Priorswood Way 382F6
Racecourse Rd - Yellowgum Walkway, Yellowgum Boulevard  362E12
Reddan Court Walkway, Reddan Crescent 382D7
Reghon Drive Walkway, Reghon Drive 381J5
Riddle - Auld Walkway, Auld Crescent 362A11
Riddle - Nimo Walkway, Nimo Crescent 361K11
Rosapenna - Gleneagles Walkway, 18 Gleneagles Drive 383A5
Rubicon Court Walkway, Rubicon Crescent 382B3
Ruthven Street Reserve, 18 Ruthven Street 382D7

Ruthven Street Reserve Playground

18 Ruthven Street, Sunbury
Includes a colourful artwork panel, a hang 'n' glide, a climbing structure, a swing frame, and a new picnic table with shelter. (Ref 382D2)

Scullin Court Reserve Playground

15 Gowrie Court, Sunbury
Includes a cave bridge, a climber, a suspension bridge, jungle bars, a gyro spinner, a swing frame, new park furniture and a basketball tower. (Ref 362D11)

Scotch - Carey Walkway, Scotch Crescent/ Carey Crescent 383A4
Settlers Way Reserve, Settlers Way 362D4
Sheffield Park, 5 Border Boulevard 381J6
158 Shields Street, Cnr Harker Street/ 382E8
Spavin Drive Reserve, 48 Spavin Drive 362B10
Spyglass - Oakmont Walkway, Oakmont Crescent 382H3
St Andrews Court Walkway, St Andrews Crescent  382K5
Stewarts - Rees Walkway,  Stewarts Lane/ Rees Road 361K12
Stewarts Lane Nature Reserve, Stewarts Lane 361K12
Sunbury Cemetery (Trust), 88 Shields Street 382E6
Sunbury Park, Jacksons Street Harker Street 382E6
Sunbury Pony Club, Harker Street 382F6
Sunbury Recreation Reserve, 49 Riddell Road 382C2
Suningdale - Penina Walkway, Penina Crescent 382K4
Suningdale - Peterhouse Walkway, Peterhouse Crescent/ 383A4
Suningdale - Portmarnock Walkway, Portmarnock Crescent 383A4
Suningdale - Scotch Walkway, Scotch Crescent/ Sunningdale Avenue 383A4
Suningdale - Walton Heath Walkway, Walton Heath Crescent 383A4
Sunningdale - Tulsa Walkway, Sunningdale Avenue 382K4

Tennyson Court Walkway, Tennyson Crescent 362C10
The Jacksons Hill Stage 12  Reserve," 51 The Avenue 382E8
The Parkway Reserve, The Parkways 362C6
The Strand Walkway, 15 The Strand 382F9
Thornton Avenue Reserve, 40 Thornton Avenue 382A3
Timins Street Walkway, Timmins Street /  Shields Street 382E5
Tower Court Reserve, 202 Mitchells Lane 381J5
Tree Violet - Correa Walkway, Tree Violet Crescent / 362F12
Tulsa Drive Reserve, Tulsa Drive 382K4
Turnberry Drive Reserve,  5 Bonny Brae Crescent 383A5
Turnberry Drive Walkway, Turnberry Drive  383A5

Village Green, O'Shannassy Street 382E4
Village Green, (Goonwarra) 14 Rolling Meadows Drive 382K2
Wattle Drive - Tree Violet Walkway, Wattle Drive 362F11
Wentworth Court Reserve, Wentworth Crescent 382A5
Winged Foot  - Muirfield Walkway, Winged Foot Crescent 383A6
Winged Foot - Golf Course Walkway, Winged Foot Crescent 383A6
Woodstock Close Walkway, Kerrie Crescent 382B1
Xavier - Oxford Walkway, Xavier Crescent/ Oxford Close 382K3
Yellowgum - Bluebush Walkway, East Bluebush Crescent (east) 382F1
Yellowgum - Bluebush Walkway, West Bluebush Crescent (west) 382F1
Yellowgum Boulevard Reserve, 18 Yellowgum Boulevard 382F1

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