Evans Street Wildflower Grassland


Evans Street Wildflower Grassland is a four hectare reserve in the heart of Sunbury that contains an array of colourful wildflowers, swathes of native grasses such as Kangaroo Grass and rare native plants. It is a living museum of close to 130 native plants that form part of a critically endangered type of vegetation that was once widespread across Victoria. The site is protected by a Trust for Nature conservation covenant.


Near the north-west corner of Evans and Station Streets, Sunbury.

The best time to visit: October to February when all the wildflowers are in full bloom.


A walking track, interpretive signage and a community meeting room (bookings required).


Natural Heritage Officer, Hume City Council on 9205 2200.

Friends of Evans Street Wildflower Grassland

This group helps to keep up the environmental quality of the Evans Street Wildflower Grassland in Sunbury.

Address: PO Box 604, Sunbury 3429
Telephone: 9744 4669

Updated : 12:37 PM, 12 February 2013

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