Meadow Heights Parks & Reserves

Parks and Reserves, Address, Melway Reference 

Acacia - Lotus - Hovea Reserve, 6-8 Hovea Close / Lotus Crescent / Acacia Close 179 F11
Ashleigh - Gilmour Walkway, Ashleigh Crescent / Gilmour Crescent 179G12
Aster - Clematis Walkway, Aster Close / Clematis Crescent 179G10
Banksia - Fuchsia Walkway, Banksia Place / Fuchsia Place 179 F10
Barry Road Walkway, Barry Road 6G3 H3
Benaud - Johnson Walkway, Benaud Close /Johnson Bowl 6F3
Bethall Gully Reserve, 590 Barry Road 6H1 H3
Buchan Street Reserve, 15 Buchan Street 6H 1
Bullrush - Kunzea Walkway, Kunzea Close / Bullrush Crescent 179G10
Bullrush - Abelia Walkway, Bullrush Crescent / Abelia Crescent 179G10
Hibiscus - Buxton Walkway, 33 Hibiscus Close 179G8
Broadmeadows Valley Park,  Barry Road / Somerton Road 6E2 196H9
(Meadow Heights) 

Canadian Walkway, 19 Canadian Crescent 6H2
Coram-Gobur-Balook-Darebin Walkway, 14 Coram Crescent 6F2
Goodenia - Dillwynia Walkway, Goodenia Close 179F11
Eucalyptus - Magnolia Walkway, Eucalyptus Place /  179H9
Magnolia Boulevard 
Fantasy Park, 55 Shankland Boulevard 179H10
Gilmour - Milford Walkway, Gilmour Crescent / MilfoRoad Crescent 179G12
Gimlet - Lightwood Walkway, Gimlet  Close / Lightwood Crescent 179G9
Goodenia - Melaleuca Walkway, Goodenia Close /  179G11
Melaleuca Drive

Hibiscus – Manooka Walkway, Hibiscus Close / Manuka Place 179F9
Honeysuckle - Golden Ash Walkway, Golden Ash Crescent 179 J11
Honeysuckle - Jasmine Walkway, Honeysuckle Crescent 179 J11
Honeysuckle - Tarcoola Walkway, Honeysuckle Crescent 179J11
Jasmine - Mitchell Walkway, Jasmine Crescent 179J11
John Verkdale Reserve, 19 Belbrae Crescent 6G1
Johnson – Simpson Walkway, Johnson Bowl /  6F2
Simpson Crescent 
Kanooka - Fuchsia Walkway, Fuchsia Place / Kanooka Drive 179F9
Karoonda  - Weemala Walkway, Karoonda  Close  179J10
Weemala Crescent 
Kenley - Uplands - Ceres Reserve, 10 Ceres Crescent 6G3

Lawry - Benaud Walkway, Lawry Place / Benaud Close 6F2
Leatherwood - Buxton Walkway, 31 Redwood Close 179G8
Leatherwood - Redwood Walkway, 39 Redwood Close 179G8

Lightwood Crescent Reserve Playground

72 Lightwood Crescent, Meadow Heights
Includes a vertical ladder, net crossing, rock climber, a hammock, a curved slide, a spinner bowl, a crazy rocker, a space net, a double swing frame and a basketball tower. (Ref 179 F10)

Lightwood -  Dillwynia Walkway, Lightwood Crescent/  179F11
Dillwynia Place 
Lightwood - Redwood Walkway, 135 Lightwood Crescent 179G9
Linden – Stringybark Walkway, 19 Linden Close 179G9
Magnolia Boulevard Walkway, 41, 54,59,,69,73 Magnolia Boulevard 197G10
Manuka - Wattle Walkway, 24 Manuka Place 179F9
Manuka - Kanooka Walkway, Kanooka Close / Manuka Place 179F9
Melaleuca Reserve, 72 Lightwood Crescent 179G10
Milford – Rokewood Walkway, Milford Crescent / Rokewood Crescent 179G12

Papworth Reserve, 11 - 23 Papworth Place 179G11
Pascoe Vale Road Walkway, (west) Pascoe Vale Road 179K9 K12
Pinnaroo - Woods Walkway, Pinnaroo Crescent / Woods Close 179K10
Pinus - Bullrush Walkway,  Pinus Place / Bullrush Crescent 179G9
Themeda - Pinus Walkway, Pinus Place / Themeda Crescent 179G10
Redwood Reserve, 31 Redwood Close 179G9
Somerton - Redwood Walkway, 30 Redwood Close 179G8
Somerton - Gunbower Walkway, Gunbower Crescent /  179K9
Somerton Road 
Rokewood Reserve, Rokewood Crescent 6F1
Ruby - Gobur Walkway, Ruby  Crescent / Gobur Crescent 6F1
Seville-Thalia – Taradale – Colignan Reserve, 21 Berringa Crescent 6J1
Shankland Boulevard Reserve, 74 Shankland Boulevard 179J10
Sheoak Court Reserve, 24 Sheoak Crescent 179J12
Simpson – Chappell Walkway, Simpson Crescent  / 6F3
Chappell Rtn 
Somerton Road Walkway, Somerton Road /  179G8 H8
Magnolia Boulevard 
Stringybark - Wilga Walkway, 21 Stringybark Place 179G9

Tarcoola - Paringa Walkway, Tarcoola Avenue /  179H11
64 Paringa Boulevard 
Themeda - Gimlet Walkway, Gimlet Close /  179G9
Themeda Crescent 
Tyrell Reserve, 62 - 70 Bicentennial Crescent 179 J9
Weemala - Tarcoola Walkway, Weemala Crescent /  179J10
Tarcoola Avenue 
Wilga - Redwood Walkway, 15 Wilga Crescent 179G9
Woodburn-Midas-Ardeer 36 Woodburn Crescent 6G2

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