About Learning Programs and Events

There is a wide range of opportunities for everyone across Hume City to participate in lifelong learning. Some opportunities are held at your local library and learning centre, while others foster a learning community through engaging programs, initiatives and projects.

Supporting Parents – Developing Children

This partnership approach to strengthening social cohesion in Hume City focuses on literacy, language and learning. The project is designed for preschool-aged children and parents from non-English speaking backgrounds. The project has resulted in a significant positive impact within the Hume community. Parents who participated in the program have said, “This is a good place to raise a family."

Your pathway to university

Hume Multiversity is an initiative offering an opportunity to attain a Bachelor degree, Diploma, Associate degree, or pathway to university, close to where you live, work or study. Courses are held at your local Hume Global Learning Centres in Broadmeadows and Craigieburn.  Hume Multiversity offers access to the latest educational technology, including video-conferencing which allows interactive, real-time classes with lecturers and students across other university campuses. Tutors and lecturers will also be onsite offering face-to-face support.

IT Learning Programs

Free computer training programs available at our learning centres and libraries are designed to equip you with the basic skills to get you started using computers, computer applications and the internet. A wide range of training programs are available to develop your skills and knowledge in relation to the use of modern technology. It doesn’t matter if you're a beginner or an expert, there's something of interest for everyone.

What’s On Libraries and Learning Program

At Hume Libraries and the Hume Global Learning Centres you will find exciting activities, learning programs and events across Hume City for all ages. Keep up to date with the latest libraries and learning information by signing up to the Hume Libraries and Learning free monthly e-newsletter. Hume Libraries and Learning e-newsletter highlights the latest libraries and learning events and activities in your City. Throughout the year Hume City Council’s libraries and learning centres have plenty on offer for anyone looking to learn something new.

Updated : 1:02 PM, 1 August 2016

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