Chris Halkidis

Chris Halkidis, from Dallas, is a part-time IT trainer with the Hume City Council’s Computer Club, assisting in the Net.Help program. Chris never thought that volunteering would lead to employment.

Are you currently working or volunteering? If so, what is your role?

I am currently a volunteer with Net.Help and the Hume Volunteer Gateway.

Why did you first decide to volunteer?

I decided to volunteer to help build my experience as I understood the current job market was competitive at the time. I did not know that this would lead me to getting a job.


 What was your first volunteer role?

My first role was as Net.Help trainer at the Hume City Council Computer Club. The role involved listening to my clients and using my technical knowledge and teaching skills to help them achieve their goals. I taught some clients to search for jobs online, others to communicate with relatives on Skype.

Why should anyone volunteer?

The benefits are endless, but for me it was the satisfaction I get out of volunteering. I feel a sense of achievement which makes me excited and enthusiastic about the new opportunities I receive. One day while volunteering I saw a job advertisement for a computer tutor. I got the position and started paid employment. I now teach I.T. classes and enjoy every minute of it.

What can you say to other people interested in volunteering? Where should they start?

My advice to anyone who wants to volunteer is to get out into the community, network, choose a role relevant to your field of expertise; it will lead to new experiences and hopefully a new job.

Updated : 9:16 AM, 14 May 2014

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