Saleha Talash

Saleha Talash, from Craigieburn, is a full-time student and an on-call volunteer with Hume City Council. Saleha migrated to Australia from Afghanistan in 2011 and was keen to volunteer and help her local community. She is currently undertaking a Diploma of Counselling and Community Services, while taking up a student placement position in an administrative role at UnitingCare.

Are you currently working or volunteering? If so, what is your role?

At the moment I am registered as an on-call volunteer with Hume City Council.


Why did you first decide to volunteer?

I was really interested to get into volunteer work and help the community to develop; this was a big challenge for me.

What was your first volunteer role?

An on-call volunteer administrative role with Hume City Council. I got experience doing administration work while undertaking a dual Diploma of Counselling and Community Services Work. I just got a student placement at UnitingCare.

Why should anyone volunteer?

I appreciate and love those who are doing volunteering because they are taking the first step for success. As a volunteer I am proud of myself that I could bring changes in my current life and studies. I really appreciate and I am really thankful to Hume City Council for giving me this opportunity to get experience and to open the door for my career.

What can you say to other people interested in volunteering? Where should they start?

My message for those who want to volunteer is that in life what you do for society and people gives you experience, and shows the community that you are spending time in a positive way and encouraging people to come and see the world of volunteers.

Updated : 9:16 AM, 14 May 2014

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