Sevgul Taylar

Sevgul Taylar, started volunteering as part of her studies.
A student placement was one of the requirements of the Diploma in Business Administration course she was undertaking at Kangan Institute. She found the Hume Volunteer Gateway (HVG) and enjoyed volunteering so much that she continued doing it even after the two week placement was over.

Are you currently working or volunteering?
If so, what is your role?

I am working as an Administration Officer in the Centre for Business at Kangan Institute —Broadmeadows. I applied for a job at Kangan, did the interview but didn't get the position I was looking for.


The process was very positive though as they were very impressed with my CV and presentation and said they would contact me if another position came up. I got a call at the end of January to see if I would like to commence work on the Monday, only a few days later. I think volunteering combined with study helped me to be where I am now.

Why did you first decide to volunteer?

I started volunteering as part of my Diploma of Business Administration course requirement. We had to find the employer ourselves so I thought I would try Hume City Council because I always wanted to work for the council.  That's where it all started.

What was your first volunteer role?

I started volunteering as the admin assistant for the HVG and to the Tax Help program.

Why should anyone volunteer?

I enjoy volunteering because I am always learning new things and gaining knowledge of the resources available in our community.  I also had a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem - I felt happy I was giving something back to my community. I chose to volunteer with the HVG to advance my administration and community engagement skills.  Having Turkish as a second language, I think, was an advantage in my role. I also had the opportunity to try different areas and serviceslike Tax Help, aged care, events and community engagement.

What can you say to other people interested in volunteering? Where should they start?

I think volunteering is important because if you are seeking paid work it will help you build your confidence. You will also meet different people from different fields and organisations, it is great for networking. Volunteering landed me a job at the Kangan Institute I am working as an admin assistant I would say ‘don't even think twice just go for it!’  For me volunteering was the best thing I ever did, I am very proud and happy with my achievements and my family are too. I would say just visit the Hume City Council website and see what is on offer.

Updated : 9:16 AM, 14 May 2014

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