IT Training

Free IT training programs are held throughout Hume City at learning centres and libraries. To register your interest, please complete the registration form or contact us on 9356 6999. We will then contact you to confirm arrangements.

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IT Training

Designing website using WordPress

This four-week course is designed so you can learn the simple, reliable and powerful ways to use WordPress to design a website.

Introduction to Windows 8

It’s new, it’s different and you will not be able to buy a new Windows-based computer without it. Find out the basics to get you started with Windows 8.

Using an iPad including iTunes

Learn the basics of how to use an iPad. Discover how to take great pictures and find interesting apps.

Introduction to eBay

eBay is a great online market place. Learn how to set up an account, securely buy and sell all sorts of items and how to participate in auctions.

How to create greeting cards

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Publisher through fun activities like creating greeting cards, brochures and posters.

Social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Learn the basics to ensure that your social networking experience is fun, effective and safe.

Taking and manipulating digital pictures

Get the most out of your digital camera and learn how to transform your pictures. Share your ideas and impress your family, friends and even yourself.

Introduction to Skype

Free and low-cost telephone calls all over the world. Learn the basics and discover how you can make video-conference calls so that you can see the people that you are talking to.

Using an Apple Mac computer

Is the Apple Mac computer a mystery to you? Do you want to find out what the difference is between an Apple Mac and a Window-based PC computer? Discover the answers to these questions in this two-week course.

Net.Safety for adults

Learn about different dangers on the internet and steps you can take to protect yourself.

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Learn how to write letters, prepare reports and produce essays with different formatting, pictures and shapes.

How to create animation videos

Learn how to create your own animated videos to tell a story or to produce your own short film in this three-week course.

Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Images

Google is more than just a search engine. Learn some of the other useful features that Google has to offer. Discover any location in the world with Google Maps and Google Earth. Find that great image you are looking for or explore a topic through pictures with Google Images.

Introduction to YouTube

Amateur movies, fun video clips, instructional videos, documentaries – all this and more. Learn how to find, upload and download videos to share with friends and family.

Transferring records, cassettes to CD and VHS tapes to DVD

Do you have a large vinyl record collection? Do you have your memories on VHS tapes? Want to keep them safe and secure? Learn the legal way to transfer them to digital format.

Introduction to 3D Printing

Learn how to setup and operate a 3D printer, explore the software as well as the maintenance involved.

Emerging technologies Beamz and Skoog

Learn how to create, play and record music using Beamz and Skoog.

3D images using augmented reality

Design 3D images to add to posters, birthday cards, t-shirts and other printing projects using an augmented reality app.

LEGO Robotics

Build robots using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robotics kits. Work in groups and program robots that can walk and talk.

Programming using Scratch

Create your own games and programs using Scratch in this fun, digitally interactive session.

Computer classes for senior citizens

Learn the basic introduction to computers and Windows 8. Discover how to use the internet and social media.

Digital Literacy classes for adults

Learn the Introduction to Computers, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Learn the basics of email and the internet in free one-on-one sessions. Our friendly trainers will answer your questions and show you how to safely navigate the internet and use
internet-based emails.


Updated : 10:58 AM, 20 March 2019

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