Unsightly Property

Unsightly property

Council's General Local Law No.1-2023 requires property owners and occupiers to maintain their properties (especially vacant land) throughout the year to make sure it does not become unsightly, constitute a danger to health or property, be detrimental to the general amenity of the neighbourhood or be a haven for noxious weeds or pest animals.

An unsightly property can be described as having:

  • Unconstrained rubbish or waste material;
  • Conditions conducive to the harbourage and breeding of vermin;
  • Disused excavations;
  • Excessive vegetation, including grass exceeding 150mm in height;
  • Machinery, vehicles, caravans, boats or any or any parts of them;
  • Scrap metal;
  • A building which is incomplete and not currently under construction; or
  • A building or other structure or thing which is detrimental to the amenity of the surrounding area

Report an unsightly property

Should you require any further information please contact Council on 9205 2200 or alternatively email us at contactus@hume.vic.gov.au