Shipping container application form

You must apply for a permit to place a shipping container on your land or on the roadway.

You can keep a shipping container in your front yard for up to 14 days, or in your backyard for up to three months.

The permit application is to be accompanied by:

  • application fee of $55.65 (per placement) - this is a non-refundable administration & assessment fee. Please apply via eHume below.
  • a statement or purpose for the use of the container
  • the occupiers of all adjoining land must be consulted and their signatures and comments obtained by the applicant prior to any permit consideration - see Shipping Container Permit Adjoining Neighbours Placement Form(PDF, 153KB)
  • containers must be screened, painted or otherwise obscured so as to minimise negative visual impact to neighbours
  • any permits issued under these conditions may be subject to Town Planning Council's conditions and guidelines, please read the Shipping Container and Waste Skip Policy

Apply for your shipping container permit online

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Placement of shipping containers on a road reserve/public place will only be considered for three days and only if the shipping container can't be placed in your front or backyard.

When placing a shipping container on the road you are required to submit a Traffic Management Plan along with the application. Traffic management is to be undertaken in accordance with AS1742.3:2019 and the Road Management Act 2004: Code of Practice - Worksite Safety - Traffic Management.

All shipping containers placed in a public place need to be marked to ensure safety to residents, pedestrians and other road users e.g. flashing yellow light and/or yellow reflective tape.

Any damage caused to the road reserve by the delivery or placement of the container will be at the cost of the applicant.

To find out more information about Council’s conditions and guidelines please read the Shipping Container and Waste Skip Policy