Unsightly Property

Unsightly property

Council's General Local Law No.1-2013 requires property owners and occupiers to maintain their properties (especially vacant land) throughout the year to make sure it does not become unsightly, constitute a danger to health or property, be detrimental to the general amenity of the neighbourhood or be a haven for noxious weeds or pest animals.

An unsightly property can be described as having:

  • Unconstrained rubbish, such as paper, cardboard, styrene pieces, plastic bags, plastics, rags, second-hand containers or household refuse.
  • Second-hand timber or second-hand building materials.
  • Discarded, rejected, unwanted, surplus or abandoned solid or liquid materials.
  • Graffiti on exterior walls or fences.
  • Overhanging vegetation which has not been cut back to the property line and to a height of 3 metres.
  • Grass and weeds longer than 100 millimetres on land that is 4,000 square metres or less.
  • More than three unregistered, unroadworthy, disassembled, incomplete or deteriorated vehicles, (this includes cars, boats, caravans or any farm type equipment),
  • Machinery or vehicle parts which has been stored on the land for more than 60 days out of 90 days in total and which constitutes a detriment to the appearance of the surrounding area,
  • Flammable material, solid or liquid likely to assist the spread of fire or constitute a fire hazard, or
  • Anything being built which is left incomplete and constitutes a detriment to the appearance of the surrounding area.

Report an unsightly property

Should you require any further information please contact Council on 9205 2200 or alternatively email us at contactus@hume.vic.gov.au