Loving Grasslands

A 4-part documentary series capturing passionate local landholders and managers working with nature to restore and maintain the health and biodiversity of the local environment.

Episode 1 - Diggers Restoration: Since 2001, Dietmar and Susanne Hildebrand of Diggers Rest have turned the once parched site of the original Sunbury Rock Festival into a park-like retreat for nature lovers.


Episode 2 - Out of Nature’s Way: When a 2014 fire destroyed trees, fences and livestock, landholding veterinarians, David & Lisa Brown of Sunbury, decided to let nature help restore landscape biodiversity.

Episode 3 - Striving for Complexity: By controlling Bent grass with cell grazing, John Lakey is creating a complex of winter and summer active pasture species, resulting in more complex flavours in the beef produced from Lakey Farms, Sunbury.

Episode 4 - Restoration by Fire: In Eucalyptus Court Reserve, Mickleham, Hume’s Eric Stone is using fire to restore this grassy woodland and create habitat for indigenous species of flora and fauna, especially woodland birds.