Reflecting on 2021

Published on 24 December 2021


Christmas Day means different things to different people. For those who celebrate, Christmas can be about new life and remembering the arrival of Jesus Christ, while others spend valuable time with loved ones, recharge for the year ahead, or work through the festivities to keep our essential services and our economy moving along. 


As an organisation, this time of year is great for reflecting on the year that was: the obstacles, progress, and achievements (and there are many achievements that our community can be proud of!)


  • From September until November, we directly supported more than 1,100 Hume City households to self-isolate who were in need of emergency food relief. 

  • To help get our community vaccinated, our bi-cultural workers provided vital translation services to 738 people.  

  • As we reopened, our staff conducted more than 400 visits to ensure local businesses have COVIDSafe Plans in place. 

  • Hume City went from having the lowest vaccination rate to achieving the highest second dose vaccination increase for the whole of Australia.

  • Council endorsed a climate change pledge, outlining our commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change impacts and support the Hume community to reduce emissions.


Looking at the numbers, 2021 has been a massive year for us all. But most importantly, Hume City as community has shown just how strong and resilient we all are. When it was needed most, our community banded together to support one another, and to connect and engage. 


Every individual, family, community group and business makes Hume City such a special place to live. From our Councillors to you: Merry Christmas!