Group Fitness

Our Leisure Centres offer a great range of group fitness programs for the enjoyment of all abilities and levels of fitness. 

Our timetables are subject to change as we adjust to our new opening operations.

Broadmeadows Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Download(PDF, 200KB) the group fitness timetable

Sunbury Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Download(PDF, 487KB) the group fitness timetable - effective 1 May, 2021

  • Print class receipt from self-serve kiosk or collect class receipt from Customer Service before entering. 

  • Class receipts will only become available 60 minutes prior to the class starting.

  • Please arrive early for equipment based programs to set-up.

  • Bring a workout towel and water bottle.

  • If it’s your first time, you’re pregnant or you have any injuries or conditions, let the instructor know.

  • Consume fluids before, during and after the class to keep hydrated.

  • If you feel any discomfort, please stop and notify the instructor.

  • Listen to the instructor for exercise modifications.

  • Most classes are normally 45-55 minutes. Express classes are 30 minutes.

  • Classes may be cancelled or altered at any time without notification.

  • Participants must follow the instructions and choreography of instructors throughout the class.

  • You cannot enter the class once the session has commenced.

Aqua is a cardiovascular workout through water that includes toning and core strengthening.

Duration: 50 minutes

Perfect for beginners or those returning to fitness verifying progressions for all levels.

Duration: 55 minutes

This class is the Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm.

Duration: 55 minutes

BODYPUMPTM is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body.

Duration: 55 minutes

BODYSTEPTM is the energising step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive.

Duration: 55 minutes


A high intensity cardio and strength based workout. Complete 6 exercises consecutively with minimal rest between rounds. Finish this workout with a core busting circuit.

Duration: 50 minutes

A workout that challenges you to focus on tightening and toning your core muscles including your tummy and lower back.

Duration: 50 minutes

CXWORXTM a quick, efficient workout that challenges you mentally and physically, while it tightens and tones your core.

Duration: 30 minutes


A medium to high intensity circuit training workout using functional movements to build strength, power, agility and endurance.

Duration: 50 minutes

Cardio and strength training at its best.

Duration: 50 minutes


A combination of a 30 minute Metafit Strength and Cardio, including an intense abdominal workout of 20 minutes.

Duration: 50 minutes

Pilates Reformer is conducted on state of the art reformer beds, incorporating pilates exercise technique for a challenging and intense workout. A wide variety of exercises are done on the reformer to promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Duration: 50 minutes


A strength based workout targeting your upper body, lower body, and core. Use weight plates to build muscle, tone up and improve overall body strength.

Duration: 50 minutes

Combines freestyle step class with strength exercises targeting your upper body and trunk to give you a total cardio and strength workout. Enjoy this high calorie burning session.

Duration: 50 minutes

TAI CHI is a gentle form of martial art exercise, well known for its smooth flowing moves and health benefits. Suitable for beginners.

Duration: 60 minutes


Aligns the body and mind with a series of postures and breathing techniques. Feel relaxed and improve your flexibility strength and balance. Please bring your own mat to this class.

Duration: 50 minutes