Two little girls running in park

Hume City has more than 700 parks, walkways and reserves and more than 350 fun and engaging playgrounds for children of all ages.

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HumeXplorer will help guide curious young minds to discover nature in the local Hume community with the HumeXplorer Adventure Passport(PDF, 9MB).

Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden

The Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden is dedicated to the work of Australia’s most prolific rose breeder. Mr Alister Clark bred 128 different roses in Bulla between 1912 and 1949. It also holds the largest collection of Alister Clark roses in the world.

The garden is nestled between two bluestone buildings at the top of the Bulla Hill. During Spring there is always an abundance of roses in bloom.

Entry to the garden is free and the garden is open every day during daylight hours. Bring a picnic lunch, sit on the seats in the shade of the Silky Oak trees and take in the view of this exquisite part of Hume’s heritage.

Download the Roses of Hume(PDF, 6MB) guide to learn more about the garden and its famous roses.