Hume 0-24 Framework


A Good Life from Birth to Adulthood in Hume - the Hume 0-24 Framework

Council has worked in partnership with our community to develop the Hume 0-24 Framework(PDF, 13MB) for 2019-2029.

Through extensive consultation with over 1300 children, young people, families and those who work with them throughout Hume City, The Hume 0-24 Framework(PDF, 13MB) has identified five key themes as necessary for a good life:

  • Theme 1: Feeling secure, cared for and safe
  • Theme 2: Access to life’s necessities
  • Theme 3: Health and wellbeing
  • Theme 4: Learning from birth to adulthood
  • Theme 5: Being involved, connected and valued


These five themes are an important tool to guide:

  • ways to talk about children and young people’s wellbeing,
  • service design and delivery,
  • program evaluation and review
  • the formation or strengthening of community partnership and networks,
  • the prioritisation of advocacy work; and
  • the allocation of resources, now and into the future.

Supportive service systems

Family, Youth and Children’s Networks in Hume City

Building a Supportive Service System

Council is part of a well-connected and robust services sector that is supported by Council’s 0 - 24 Framework(PDF, 13MB) and various professional networks and partnerships that work together for positive outcomes for children, young people and families.

Council and the conveners of the following networks have formed a strong partnership to share information, resources and best practice:

  • Tangible Connections Youth Network
  • Hume Family Violence Network
  • Working with Fathers Network
  • Hume Early Years Partnership
  • Schools Wellbeing Network
  • Northern Parent Educators Network
  • Hume Youth Commitment
  • Local Aboriginal Network
  • Hume Family and Children's Services Network
  • Hume Interfaith Network
  • Sunbury Youth Network
  • Hume Multicultural Workers Network


They also work together to provide professional development opportunities to strengthen our capacity as a sector to create a good life for children, young people and their families.

The Connected and Committed Guide(PDF, 580KB) offers a snapshot of the key partnerships, networks and committees in Hume which support children, young people and families. It contains links to useful websites and a calendar of events which is updated quarterly.

For further information about networks and services for children, youth and families, please contact Council’s Participation and Partnerships Officer on 9205 2885 or