Preparing to isolate

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If you get COVID-19, you must immediately isolate for 7 days and you can't leave your house during this time.

Planning and preparing for this situation will make things easier if you become infected or exposed to COVID-19 and are required to isolate. 

Checklist to prepare for COVID-19

Food, medication and essentials
Ensure you have enough food, medication and essentials at home to last you at least seven days. If you’re already in isolation, consider online supermarket shopping, or asking friends or family to help.

Support each other
Talk to family, friends and neighbours in advance about how you can support each other if one household must isolate.

Children and pets
Have a plan in place for who can help look after your children and pets if your symptoms become severe and you need to go to hospital or call an ambulance.

People you care for
If you care for another adult, ensure someone else can take over your responsibilities if necessary.

Talk with your doctor
You can speak to your GP to have your scripts sent straight to your local pharmacy where you can organise delivery to your home. Your GP can also provide personal advice about your symptoms.

If you pay your bills in person or at the Post Office, inform the companies or services about your situation as soon as possible.

Hygiene at home
For the health of everyone you live with, keep your distance from those living in your household where possible. Sanitise common surfaces and areas like bathrooms and the kitchen, and sleep in separate areas if you can.

Look after yourself
Taking care of your mental health has never been more important so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. For immediate support contact Lifeline, Beyond Blue or Kids Helpline.