Where to get tested?

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Everyone who tests for COVID-19 helps us better understand how the virus is spreading across our community.

Reducing COVID-19 numbers across Hume keeps our vulnerable members safe, and means less of our community in isolation.

Rapid antigen test

Most people can now get a rapid antigen test as their first option.
You can get a testing kit from supermarkets, pharmacies or online. If you have symptoms or are a contact, and you can't access a RAT, you should get a PCR test.


Standard (PCR) tests

If you have symptoms and you can't access a rapid antigen test, you can get a PCR test. Find your nearest testing location below.

Drive-through sites

Campbellfield - 4Cyte Pathology
10 Cobden Street, Campbellfield
Weekdays 8am – 6pm
Weekends 8am – 5pm
(PCR testing only)
Coolaroo Testing Hub
HomeCo. 1550 Pascoe Vale Road, Coolaroo
Daily 7am – 5pm
(RAT and PCR testing)
Gladstone Park - 4Cyte Pathology
220 Mickleham Road, Gladstone Park
Weekdays 8am – 6pm
Weekends 8am – 4pm
(PCR testing only)

Walk-through sites

Broadmeadows Respiratory Clinic
42-48 Coleraine St, Broadmeadows
Weekdays 6pm - 10pm
Saturday 2pm - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm
(Symptomatic assessments/testing only)

Coolaroo Respiratory Clinic
512 Barry Road, Coolaroo
Weekdays 3pm - 4pm
(Appointment required)

Sunbury Respiratory Clinic - Goonawarra Medical
1/5 Dornoch Drive, Sunbury
Hours vary, contact 03 9744 9944
(Symptomatic assessments/testing only)

Sunbury - Western Health
29 Timins Street, Sunbury, VIC, 3429
Weekdays 10am - 5.30pm
(RAT and PCR testing)