Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Victoria will reach 70 per cent first dose vaccination target by Friday 17 September. Reaching this milestone rate means that some restrictions will be eased across lockdown areas of Melbourne, which includes Hume City.


What's changing?

The following restrictions apply from 11.59pm on Friday 17 September:

  • Outdoor social interaction has been added to the reasons you can leave home
  • Public gatherings are permitted for
    • Personal training for up to two people plus the trainer.
    • Public gathering for social interaction for up to two people from separate households
    • Public gathering of up to five people from two households if all persons aged 18 years or older have received two vaccine doses.
  • The time permitted for outdoor exercise (and outdoor social interaction) per day is four hours. 
  • The distance you can travel from home is 10 kilometres. 
  • Skate parks and outdoor communal exercise equipment will reopen.
  • Up to five people will be able to attend an entertainment venue or physical recreation facility to broadcast a performance, class, or concert.
  • Private house inspections by appointment are allowed for new purchase or end of lease for one household only with the agent staying outdoors during inspection. Current occupant cannot be present.

Priority vaccination for construction workers

Public health officials have become increasingly concerned about COVID-19 transmission and exposure in construction settings. Changes are being made to limit further spread in this industry, allowing people to keep working safely.

  • Construction workers state-wide will need to show evidence to their employer that they have had a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by 11.59pm Thursday, 23 September.
  • Construction workers will now not be able to cross the metropolitan-regional boundary for work.

Construction workers can also access priority booking (phone only) and can walk up without a booking for Pfizer during key times at the old Ford Factory in Campbellfield. Book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment

View the COVIDSafe settings for metropolitan Melbourne and the City of Ballarat. 

COVIDSafe settings

For all the details of current restrictions, please view the COVIDSafe settings for metropolitan Melbourne and the City of Ballarat.

The reasons you can leave home are:

  • outdoor social interaction (with vaccinated members of one other household, plus dependents)
  • shopping for food and supplies
  • authorised work or permitted education
  • care and caregiving
  • exercise (for up to four hours)
  • to get your coronavirus vaccine.

You can only travel within 10 kilometres of your home for shopping and exercise. This limit does not apply if you are giving or receiving care, getting a COVID-19 vaccination or visiting an intimate partner or your single social bubble buddy.

A curfew is in place from 9pm to 5am.  

Childcare centres and kinders across Victoria remain closed - except to children whose parents are authorised workers and cannot be supervised at home. Vulnerable children can still attend. Visit Changes to Council services for more information. 

Work permits will be required when travelling for work or higher education. 

Face masks will also need to be worn inside and outdoors – except when eating or drinking non-alcoholic beverages, and in your own home.

Private gatherings are not permitted.

No in-person religious gatherings and ceremonies permitted. Online broadcast permitted with a maximum of the same five people each time. 

Please use common sense and limit the number of people you see in person right now. It is safer to connect with friends and family using phone calls, social media and video calls. 

Hume City’s Vaccination Tracker

The Australian Government Department of Health releases a weekly geographic vaccination rates report that lists the percentage of people aged 15 and over who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, by state/territory and by their local government area (LGA). 

Each week Hume City updates its Vaccine Tracker with the latest vaccination rates from across the Hume local government area. This information is displayed on the top banner of our website and across our Corporate social media channels.

What are the targets?

Federal, state and territory leaders have agreed to COVID-19 vaccination targets to end lockdowns and begin reopening the country. 

Transition Phase: 70% of adult population fully vaccinated

  • Lockdowns unlikely but possible and targeted. 
  • Restrictions eased for fully vaccinated. 
  • Focus on minimising serious illness, hospitalisations and fatalities with low-level restrictions.  

Consolidation Phase: 80% of adult population fully vaccinated  

  • Lockdowns very unlikely and highly targeted. 
  • Minimal to no restrictions for fully vaccinated including free travel. 
  • Focus on minimising serious illness, hospitalisations and fatalities with minimal restrictions.  

For further information about the vaccination data as well as other COVID-19 resources, please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website