Rev. John Rigby

While I am a minister with the Uniting Church, my life and ministry has had a number of influences:

  • I grew up a church going family in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. The dominant impact of these formative years was a passion to help people who find life a struggle. 

  • While I am a minister in the Uniting Church, I have an ecumenical outlook and a commitment to seeing God’s kingdom agenda fulfilled by whatever channel possible. 

  • I believe in a God of Grace and Mercy who is always at work, offering an invitation for all that are weary and burdened to find rest. 

  • I seek to approach each situation with empathy and due regard to cultural factors as well as maintain a realistic person-centred approach in all settings.  

Key skills and philosophy 

  • People grow/change in direct proportion to the level and quality of their relationships; I seek to create a positive and engaging relationship with people as the foundation for a good working environment. 

  • I seek to address individual needs in a flexible, team based and people focused environment. 

  • At heart of what I do is a belief that everyone has three stories: Each story is connected and shapes a person’s disposition and behaviour: their human story (what has happened/happening), their spirit story (what are the hopes/dreams/desires/goals) and their spiritual story (the space deep inside where eternity speaks).

Community interests  

I am an artist and have been involved in a number of group shows. 

I have an interest in working with men seeking to change their behaviour.  

I am a lifetime supporter of the Western Bulldogs (AFL). 

I enjoy playing several instruments – especially the banjo.