Young People’s Stories of Community: A Hume Anthology 2023

Look out for freedom in Lockdown by Maryam Zuhair

Submissions now open

The Hume Youth Anthology is an annual published collection of creative works from young people in Hume City. 

Every year young people ages 6 to 24 are invited to submit a drawing, poem, short story, comic or photograph reflecting a shared theme. The Anthology was inspired by the voices of Hume’s young people, and it is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate their creative talents. 

The theme for the 2023 Hume Youth Anthology is Community. Details of how to submit your work will be available closer to the date.

Submission will be considered for the printed 2023 Hume Anthology and Best Creative Award Categories:

  • Best creative piece - 6 –11-year-olds
  • Best creative piece - 12 – 18-year-olds
  • Best creative piece - 19 – 24 years olds
  • Community favourite (all ages)

The 2023 Hume Youth Anthology will be unveiled to the public at an end of year event where participants are awarded a Certificate of Achievement and presented with a copy of the printed anthology.  

Submit here

Submissions close 31 October 2023. 

Hume Youth Anthology Archive:

Young People’s Stories of Resilience & Creativity: A Hume Anthology 2022

Hume Youth Anthology 2022 with Mayor and young people

The 2022 Hume Youth Anthology is a collection of young people’s stories, poems and art depicting their experiences, hopes and challenges in a COVID world. The Anthology features 35 submissions from young people aged 5 to 19, all centered around the theme of creativity and resilience. 

Thank you to all the young people who submitted their work: 

  • Antonio Marcus
  • Karlos Marcus 
  • Monica Salama 
  • Noah Iskander 
  • Patricia Saloumi 
  • Ryan Yousifany 
  • Thomas Soliman 
  • Abigail Yacoub 
  • Alexandria Rosewell-Davison 
  • Aliyah Ball 
  • Anagah Cheeroth 
  • Arshpreet Kaur 
  • Berra Akylidiz 
  • Bilal Al Mansoury 
  • Chantal Elfranji 
  • Eliz Atik 
  • Emmy Abdo 
  • Isabell Bilous 
  • Jila-Zhen Lu 
  • Laksh Sehgal 
  • Leyla Saylik 
  • Louis Harrison 
  • Maeve Hogan 
  • Malak Kodsi 
  • Mankaran Singh 
  • Maryam Zuhair 
  • Rhianna Hamra 
  • Safir Rahman 
  • Tharuki Rajapaksha 
  • Theo Ziervogel 
  • Youhanna Tadros 
  • Mohammed Azeem