Dog Attacks

Woman protectively holds small dog

Council is committed to ensuring the safety of the community. All residents and visitors have the right to enjoy spending time in parks or walking our streets without risk of being attacked or menaced by a dog. It is the responsibility of all dog owners to ensure that their dog is under effective control at all times.

Any dog attack or threatening dog should be reported to Council immediately.

Council operates a 24/7 emergency service which can be reached on 9205 2200.

When you contact us, please provide the following information:

  • time and date of the incident;
  • where it happened;
  • name of the dog owner (if known);
  • address of the dog owner (if known);
  • a description of the dog;
  • a detailed description of the incident;
  • a detailed list of any witnesses; and
  • your contact details (full name, address and contact numbers).

When Council receives a report of a dog attack a City Laws Officer will investigate the incident. If proven, the dog owner may be issued infringements or prosecuted in the Magistrates Court.