Parking rules

Red car parked in indented parking

Parking Officers are employed by Council to enforce parking restrictions. All residents and visitors are encouraged to observe parking restrictions throughout our city.

View the Vicroads Safety and Road Rules as well as the Road Safety Road Rules.

If you have received a parking infringement in Hume, you can:

You can report a vehicle parked illegally by contacting Council on 9205 2200.

Parking on a footpath, nature strip or dividing strip

Council has a duty of care to ensure that footpaths, nature strips and dividing strips are safe for residents and pedestrians.

Parking on a footpath, nature strip or dividing strip is illegal. An Infringement Notice can also be issued to a vehicle parked in a private driveway if the vehicle is protruding onto the footpath.

While we understand that residents sometimes park on the nature strip because they feel it is safer than parking on the road; footpaths, nature strips and dividing strips are constructed for pedestrian traffic only, they are not designed to carry vehicles. 

Parking on nature strips (completely or partially) is not only a breach of the road rules, but it can also create problems such as damage to:

  • the nature strip surface
  • trees and root systems
  • kerb and channel
  • house drain connections
  • other underground services. 

This Road Rule applies even if the nature strip surface has been changed to a permeable surface, such as granitic sand, Lilydale topping, other gravel or similar graded material.

We appreciate our residents who take the time to mow the grass and water the trees on their nature strip.

Parking at the train station

Council is not authorised to enforce parking, issue parking infringements or deal with parking problems in train station carparks.

Contact Metro to report a parking issue in a train station carpark.

Metro Authorised Officers enforce parking rules at the following train station carparks: 

  • Broadmeadows
  • Craigieburn
  • Coolaroo
  • Roxburgh Park
  • Sunbury
  • Upfield.

Parking in a loading zone

Parking in a Loading Zone is not permitted under the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 unless the vehicle meets specific eligibility criteria.

A vehicle which meets the specific eligibility criteria cannot stay in the loading zone for longer than the sign permits.

If no time restriction is specified, a vehicle can park for no longer than 30 minutes.

Contact Local Laws on 9205 2200 to find out more on parking in a Loading Zone.

Parking around schools

Safety around schools is a priority for Council and the community. Improving safety around schools is a partnership between Council, parents and the school community.

Report a vehicle parked illegally to Council on 9205 2200.

We receive many calls expressing concern about illegally parked vehicles impacting children's safety. Parking restrictions near schools are strictly enforced to maximise the safety of students and other pedestrians in the area. Council's Traffic Officers will investigate any breach of the Road Safety Road Rules.

Common parking issues around schools include:

  • parking in 'No Stopping' areas
  • parents staying in drop off areas for longer than permitted
  • double parking, i.e. parking between the centre of the road and another vehicle that is parked at the side of the road.

Trucks parked in a residential area

Trucks parking in a residential area create a traffic hazard due to the size of the vehicle, as well as creating noise issues for neighbouring properties.

It is an offence for any vehicle over 7.5m in length and/or over 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass to stay parked in a built-up area for longer than one hour without a permit. See Road Safety Road Rules

Apply for a permit to keep a large vehicle on your property

For more information about parking restrictions, go to the VicRoads website.

Abandoned vehicles

If a registered car is parked legally and has not moved for a period of two months, Council may consider that the vehicle has been abandoned. If the derelict or abandoned vehicle is unregistered you can report it to Council on 9205 2200.

A vehicle is considered unregistered if:

  • the registration has expired (unpaid)
  • the vehicle is unroadworthy, with an official unroadworthy notice from the police
  • the vehicle is unroadworthy, without an official unroadworthy notice from the police (smashed windows, no wheel, etc)
  • the vehicle has no registration plates.

Vehicles on private property 

Council has no jurisdiction over abandoned vehicles on private property. Abandoned vehicles on private property need to be addressed by the property owner.

Council's Local Law No 1 - 2013 requires property owners to maintain their properties (especially vacant land) throughout the year to ensure that their property does not become unsightly. If the property has more than three unregistered, unroadworthy, disassembled, incomplete or deteriorated vehicles then it may be deemed unsightly and a Notice to Comply issued.