Release by Elly-Louise Tyquin

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Release is a solo exhibition featuring a range of abstract artworks by Sunbury artist Elly-Louise Tyquin. Each work represents different feelings and emotions using textures, shapes and colour.

The collection of works on show demonstrate how the process of creating something can contribute to physical and psychological wellbeing. For Elly-Louise, creating art is therapeutic – helping her process shifting emotional states from anxiety and loss to happiness and elation.

Elly-Louise aims to connect with local community through these colourful artworks as well as start a conversation about mental health ‒ underlining the importance of open conversations about intense personal experiences.

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“Release addresses the non-linear journey of life and how this impacts our mental health. For me, repetitive and labour-intensive methods of construction act as a means of therapy; to cope with different emotional states and assist in restoring a sense of control. Conceptually, I explore how the creation of art is valuable for physical and psychological wellbeing.

My exhibition features a range of abstract works which seek to physically embody elements of wide-ranging, pure emotions. My aim is to demonstrate the benefits of cathartic processes for maintaining good mental health. I seek to connect with local community through my artwork by promoting dialogue and awareness about mental health and the importance of ongoing conversations on this shared theme.”

Elly-Louise Tyquin, 2020

An online forum discussion Creativity = Brain Gym was held on World Mental Health Day, Saturday 10 October.


  • Thursday, 13 August 2020 | 09:00 AM - Sunday, 18 October 2020 | 05:00 PM


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