Councillor Haweil elected new Mayor for Hume City

Published on 13 November 2020

Councillor Joseph Haweil

COVID-19 recovery, youth leadership, and fostering an inclusive community were key themes in the acceptance speech of Hume City’s new Mayor, Councillor Joseph Haweil.

Cr Haweil who represents Aitken ward, was elected the Mayor of Hume City by his fellow councillors, and Jacksons Creek ward councillor Cr Jack Medcraft was elected Deputy Mayor, at Council’s Statutory Meeting at the Broadmeadows Town Hall on Thursday evening.

In accepting the role of Mayor, Cr Haweil spoke of his father’s experience migrating to Australia from Iraq and how service to his family, community and country underpins his personal and professional values as he moves into this role.

“When he got his first job on the production line at the Ford Motor Company’s Broadmeadows plant, he could scarcely have imagined that one day his son would become the Mayor of the city which gave him his start in this new land of opportunity, Australia,” Cr Haweil said.

“It is this very freedom to pursue opportunity that has made Australia the promised land for generations of migrants, thousands of whom have had their start here in Hume.

“In this role I will support and champion Australian values like mutual respect, tolerance, compassion for those in need and equality of opportunity.”

Cr Haweil vowed to work with his fellow councillors and community in Hume City’s recovery from COVID-19.

“As Mayor, I will work with my colleagues to prioritise supporting businesses to recover, reopen and rebuild.

“I know many of you have fresh perspectives and I for one am eager to support any idea that benefits our community.

“I believe strongly that the views of the community and your elected representatives should inform decision making.”   

During his mayorship, Cr Haweil will oversee 150 shovel-ready jobs to create local jobs for local people and continue to advocate and champion key election issues for the community.

“We know we can’t wait for this critical infrastructure to be upgraded as more and more people choose to call Hume home each year.”

As the second youngest Mayor in Hume’s history, Cr Haweil hopes to address the apathy that many young people today feel about government and politics.

“I hope that these milestones will encourage young people in Hume to get involved in leadership in politics and government and affirm that through public service, you can make a meaningful and positive impact on your community.”

Cr Haweil welcomed the new councillors, acknowledging the community’s confidence in his re-elected colleagues and paid tribute to outgoing councillors and their contributions.

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