Potential Scam Alert

Published on 06 January 2021

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We’ve received reports of residents being contacted to complete a telephone survey on behalf of Council. 

At this point in time, we are not currently conducting any telephone surveys – although we do have several online/email surveys open.

We will always promote when we are conducting a survey on our social media and Participate Hume, because telephone surveys are an important tool in helping government and community agencies plan and deliver services for you. 

If you are ever asked to complete a telephone survey, we encourage to check the details of the organisation calling you and to ask for the name of the survey project. You can also ask for access to the research statement and privacy policy.

Have any doubts? Ask the caller to call you back, and then check with us on 03 9205 2200. You can also visit Participate Hume to confirm the project, or on Council’s Facebook.

Any survey providers we work with will always encourage you to contact Council and arrange a call back if you’re unsure.  

For further advice or assistance, or if you suspect you may have been targeted by this scam call, please refer to ACSC for advice. 

Remember: NEVER provide your personal and financial details, or give a stranger remote access to your device or computer – simply hang up. 
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