Waste Education

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Council, in partnership with CERES Education, provides a range of free waste and environmental education programs for schools, kindergartens and early learning centres.

Sessions teach students how our waste impacts the environment and the steps they can take to reduce waste and save resources. Topics cover reuse and correct recycling behavior, litter prevention and composting and worm farming. 


Virtual Excursion Program

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CERES Student Programs are on hold. Throughout this time, Council in partnership with CERES Education, will be hosted a new Virtual Excursion program available to students in grades three through to ten for the duration of term four.

An expert educator will host a webinar mapped to the Victorian Curriculum. Students will investigate the use and management of natural resources and waste, and the different views on how to do this sustainably.

Multiple webinars are offered throughout the week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and are accompanied by a school teacher guide, along with activities to complete before and after the webinar. Each webinar is limited to one class per day – so book in early to secure your preferred session time.

The webinar will cover the below topics and is suitable for science, geography and sustainability:

  • How human activity contributes to waste pollution
  • The concepts of ‘Take, Make, Dispose’ (linear economy) and circular economies
  • A range of exciting and creative waste solutions 
  • CERES’ waste recovery systems that are inspired by natures cycles.

Use the discount code for term four bookings ZEROWASTEHUMET4. Click below to book your virtual excursion. Use the discount code and the total will come to zero at checkout. 

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For further information contact the CERES Education Outreach team at education@ceres.org.au