Bin collection services

Hume's household bin service includes three bins:

  • Garbage bins (red lid) are collected weekly
  • Recycling bins (yellow lid) are collected every two weeks
  • Food and garden bins (bright green lid) are collected every two weeks, alternating with recycling.

Please note that some older bins might have a different coloured lid to the one listed above.

Check Know my bin day to find out which day of the week your bins are collected.

Learn more about what you can and can't put in each bin.

From July, every household in Hume will have a food and garden (green) bin. Find out more here.

Here's how you can get it right on bin night!

  • Put bins out the night before your collection day (or by 5.30am at the latest)
  • Place bins within one metre of the kerb with the wheels facing away from the road
  • Place bins at least one metre from trees, cars and other objects
  • Leave a 60cm gap between each bin
  • Keep lids closed to deter pests and prevent litter
  • Take care not to overfill your bins, as they may not empty properly
  • Bins are usually collected by 2pm. Please bring your emptied bins back inside your property promptly.

If you live in a court, please do not place bins at the end of the court. Our drivers will place yellow dots in the correct area to place your bin for safe collection by our trucks.

Use this form to order bins for a new home that has not received a bin collection service before.

You will need to upload a Certificate of Occupancy to complete the application.

If you are a tenant, please ask your landlord or property manager to complete this request on your behalf. They are obligated to provide you with a household bin collection service through Council.

Order bins for a new home

Our garbage, recycling and food and garden bins come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Use this form to change to a bigger or smaller bin, or to order extra bins for your property. Note that additional charges apply for extra bins.

Order extra bins or change bin size

Households with five or more members may be entitled to a 360L recycling bin or an extra 240L recycling bin at no extra charge.

Residents with a medical condition that creates extra waste may be entitled to a 360L recycling bin or an extra 240L recycling bin, or an extra 140L garbage bin, at no extra charge.

If your household is entitled to extra or larger bins, use this form.

Bins for special circumstances

Our food and garden (green) bin comes with a free kitchen caddy to help you collect and carry food scraps from your kitchen to your green bin.

If you already have a food and garden bin but don’t have a kitchen caddy, you can order one for free using this form:

Order a free kitchen caddy

If you don’t have a food and garden bin yet, your household will receive one in the next few months through our green bin roll-out. Find out more here.

Our standard household bin collection service is covered by the kerbside waste charge, which appears on your rates notice.

The standard service includes:

  • An 80L or 140L garbage bin
  • A 140L or 240L recycling bin
  • A 140L or 240L food and garden bin

Households may choose which size of each bin best suits their needs. There are no additional charges to opt for a smaller or larger bin or to change bin size. Households that choose an 80L garbage bin receive a $21.60 rebate.

Additional bin services are available at no extra cost to:

  • Households of five or more people
  • Residents with extra waste disposal needs due to a medical condition.

Find out more here.

Fees for optional additional bins are as follows:

Additional bin Size Charge
Garbage 80L $93.00
  140L $161.40
Recycling 140L $73.50
  240L $73.50
Food and garden 140L $89.60
  240L $114.00

All bin service charges and rebates are calculated pro-rata per financial year. Any charges associated to your bin selections will be applied to your next rates notice.

(Fees and charges listed are for the 2023-24 financial year.)

As a business owner, you are responsible for arranging the disposal of the waste generated by your business.

Council provides kerbside services to businesses that generate small volumes of garbage and recycling, similar in size to what is generated by a residential home. Food and garden bins are not available to business customers.

The type of waste produced by your business will determine your eligibility for these services.

Apply for Commercial Waste Assessment