Child Safety Tips

1. Check for water hazards wherever you go with your children - supervise them at all times while near water.

2. Turn the temperature of your hot water down so that it comes out of the tap no hotter than 50 degrees. Ask your plumber or landlord for assistance.

3. Fit anti-scald devices to your bathroom taps - this will cut the risk of scalds. These are available from the Safety Shop at the Royal Children's Hospital on 9345 6429

4. Keep hot drinks and kettles away from your children at all times. Keep your cup out of reach when you put it down and never hold a child while you sip a hot drink. Use a curly cord on your kettle, or hook the cord so that it does not hang.

5. Fit a wooden half-door to your kitchen door or child safety gate so children are not around while you cook.

6. Keep all medications and chemicals up high and behind locked doors to reduce the risk of poisoning. If a child is poisoned, phone the Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26 for immediate advice.

7. Limit the number of chemicals you use in your home and garden. Use substitute cleansers in the home, such as bicarbonate of soda mixed with vinegar. Make your own garlic spray pesticide for your garden.

8. Install cupboard latches or tie cupboards shut using stockings, thick rubber bands or café curtain rings.

9. Remove stove knobs and store them up high to prevent toddlers from operating the stove and always keep matches and cigarette lighters out of reach.

10. Install a smoke alarm in or near every bedroom in your home. Develop and practice a family fire escape plan so that you can all act quickly in the event of a fire.

11. Minimise the risk of injuries resulting from falls. Always clean up spilt liquids straightaway. Garden hose can be split and stuck on sharp edges of furniture to cushion falls against coffee tables and kitchen benches.

12. Teach your children traffic safety from an early age: teach them to Stop, Look, Listen, Think before crossing roads. Always hold hands with young children near roads and use helmets for cycling, rollerblading and skateboarding.

13. Make sure your children always travel in a car seat or belt suitable for their size and weight. By law every child under the age of 7 must be properly restrained for every trip.

Developed by Hume City Council in partnership with The Safety Centre, The Royal Children's Hospital.

Updated : 12:35 PM, 2 August 2013

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