Join a playgroup today! Come in, meet other families, and have some fun!

Playgroup is a great place for all children from 0 to 5 years to enjoy new experiences, develop language, use their imagination, explore and learn new skills.

A new playgroup is now operating from the Annadale Community Centre (Corner of Ellscott Boulevard and Westlock Road, Mickleham).

For more information email  or phone  9205 2605.

Everyone has fun at playgroup and everyone benefits!

A regular playgroup can be great for parents and carers too. They offer lots of support and are a good way to make new friends, share concerns, ideas and experiences and learn from each other. For more information visit the Playgroup Victoria website or view the Playgroup Directory. You can also contact the Playgroup Support Officers for playgroups in your area at or phone 9205 2605.

Start a playgroup

If you are interested in adding another playgroup to the list, why not start your own? All you need is a couple of friends and a place to meet.

New playgroups are often created for various reasons, including:
•There are no playgroups in the area
•The playgroups in the area are full
•There are no playgroups held on a certain day
•An existing mothers group would like to find a larger venue to cater for growing children
•There is a need for playgroups for families with a specific interest (ie. fathers, working parents, grandparents, young parents, multicultural or school-based).

It’s not hard when you have the advice and support from your Playgroup Support Officers and Playgroup Victoria. Visit the Playgroup Victoria website for more information on how to start a playgroup or contact our Playgroup Support Officers, who would love to work with you on starting your own playgroup.

Maternal and Child Health Outreach Program

Experienced Maternal and Child Health Nurses are available to visit playgroups, child care centres and preschools to monitor the health and development of children. The nurses can also address parent groups on topics of interest and concern. For more information about the program or to make a booking, contact the Outreach Team on 9205 2200.


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Updated : 3:58 PM, 17 May 2017

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