Roadside Trading & Ice Cream Van Permits

A permit is required to sell goods from the side of the road or municipal place. Traders operating a mobile food van, ice cream van, or selling other goods from the side of the road will need to obtain a permit.

Prior to the commencement of trading a Certificate of Registration for a food vehicle must be obtained from the City Health Surveyor of the Municipality in which the vehicle is kept.

Who can apply?

Anyone looking to roadside trade can apply for the permit, whether it is a Mobile Coffee/Food, Ice Cream van or Selling Goods while on a road or in a municipal place.

When can I apply?

Applicants may apply once they have obtained all the relevant information and documentation required with this application in order for it to be processed.

What does Council take into consideration when assessing an application?

  • The requirements of Council’s Health Department for sale of food items. (If registered with another Council under the Food Act 1984, then that Registration Certificate will need to be produced. Otherwise it will be necessary to register with the Hume City Council Health Section. The van must meet the requirements of the Food Act 1984 and any Regulations in force pursuant to the Act)
  • Each van must be available for inspection by Council’s Health Department. (If applicable)
  • The days and times that itinerate trade is to be conducted.
  • The area in which the trade is proposed to be carried out, priority will be given to existing businesses of a similar nature.
  • The views/requirements of VicRoads.
  • The views/requirements of relevant Council Departments.
  • Access to toilet facilities

How much does it cost?

Council charges an application fee and annual fee of $885.00. Fee is subject to change each financial year.

How do I apply?

You must complete the application and provide all relevant documentation in order for your application to be processed.

You can now apply online for a permit, to complete the online roadside trading/ice cream van permit application you will be required to:

  1. Provide a valid email address.
  2. Attach a current copy of your public liability and attach a copy of photo/s/location of where you wish to trade (Photo/s/locations are applicable to roadside trading - maximum of three locations).
  3. Once the information supplied has been verified, Council will issue an invoice by post to the postal address supplied.



Printable hard copy application form:

Roadside Trader/Ice Cream Van Permit Application.

Please ensure you read Council’s conditions prior to applying for a permit

Updated : 4:13 PM, 29 June 2017

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