Immunisation is the best way to protect yourself, your family and the community from preventable diseases.

Use the links below to find all the information you need about getting immunised. For a basic overview of immunisations, please visit the Department of Health's website.

Protect yourself this flu season
The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against the flu is to get vaccinated. Find your closest immunisation session today.
Child Immunisation
Hume City Council provides free child immunisation for the following diseases included under the National Immunisation Program Schedule.
School Immunisation Program
We visit schools to ensure year 7 and 10 students in Hume City are protected from Meningococcal, Diphtheria and other preventable diseases.
Public immunisation sessions
Find a walk-in immunisation session at a time that suits you.
Catch up immunisations
We are helping refugee and asylum seekers of all ages catch up on their immunisations.
Immunisation History Statements
Need an immunisation history statement? Learn more about what the statement is used for and how you can request one.

Updated : 6:07 PM, 2 April 2019

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