Public immunisation sessions

Immunisation is important to stop the spread of preventable diseases. Immunisation services continue to operate this time by private appointment only.


Book an appointment

Please call 03 9356 6745 to book an appointment. Staff will discuss time, location and date options with you over the phone. Please disregard information on the existing timetable. 

Information to know before coming to your appointment

  • If your child is receiving vaccinations, please bring their Child Health Record (green book) and any documented evidence of previous vaccinations given.
  • It's best to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing to the session.
  • At the appointment, a nurse will discuss any possible reactions and address any concerns you have before you are administered any vaccines. You will need to remain seated as we deliver the vaccination. 
  • If you need additional vaccination doses, a return date will be stamped or written on a Immunisation Record Card.
  • All vaccinations issued during our public sessions will be recorded on Council’s database and reported to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

On the day of your appointment

  • On arrival to your appointment, you will be asked to call a phone number advertised at the venue to check-in. Please maintain at least a two-metre distance from others while waiting.
  • We will call you when it is your turn. You will be required to undergo a brief screening questionnaire to ensure you do not present a risk to others. Children, parents and their caregivers who feel unwell or have a temperature should not attend these sessions.
  • In the room where immunisation occurs, only one person will be seen at a time. Only one parent or caregiver should attend the session with their child/children who are being immunised.
  • After being immunised, you will be asked to remain in the area for 15 minutes just in case you have a reaction to the vaccine (this is a rare occurance)

Groups eligible for free vaccinations

Council provides scheduled vaccines for free for:

  • babies, infants and young children
  • secondary school students
  • individuals under 20 years of age who require catch up immunisations
  • pregnant women; and,
  • medically at-risk and other vulnerable people.

For those ineligible for free vaccinations, Council can provide some vaccines at a cost.

Updated : 5:07 PM, 3 April 2020

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