Cemeteries in Hume
Information about public cemeteries in Hume City.
Together 3047
Council has a plan to deliver long-term improvements for the local community and build a brighter future for residents of the 3047 postcode.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Hume City is located on the traditional lands of the Gunung-William-Balluk people of the Wurundjeri.
Hume Interfaith Network
The aim of the Network is to further develop understanding and harmony across the many faiths and cultures represented in Hume City.
Fires & Emergency Management
Are you prepared for an emergency such as a fire, flood or storm?
Roads & Footpaths
Information about road management and footpaths.
Community Safety Month
Get involved in Community Safety Month this October with a range of workshops and sessions on offer in Hume City.
Hume City Council Multicultural Framework
Council’s commitment to take a whole-of-organisation approach to responding to the needs of the community, including established migrant communities and newly arrived and emerging communities.

Updated : 2:20 PM, 24 July 2014

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