Urban Fringe Grassfires

If you live on the edge of a city, you may be at risk from grassfire this summer.


If you live next to grassland:

-    You should have already cleared weeds and removed firewood, rubbish and other fuel from around your property.

-    If a grassfire starts, move three house blocks away from the fire as quickly as possible. Call 000. 

If you do not live directly next to grassland:

-    Clear weeds and remove firewood, rubbish and other fuel from around your property.

-    Be aware of where the closest grassland is to your property.

-    If a grassfire starts: it’s safer to stay where you are because it’s unlikely a fire will spread past fences and houses.

Never try to get a closer look at a grassfire – you will put yourself and others in danger.

Act early: do not wait to receive a warning before moving three house blocks away from a grassfire.

Avoid driving in a grassfire: it may be smoky and hard to see. Traffic jams and accidents are likely.

Make sure you assist friends or family who speak a language other than English to understand what they need to do to prepare for fire season.

Check out this CFA video for more information

For information on how to stay fire safe this summer, visit the CFA website, the Fire Commissioner website or ring the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667

Updated : 10:20 AM, 28 May 2015

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