Fire Prevention Notices

What is a Fire Prevention Notice?

Each year prior to Summer, Council's Fire Prevention Officers inspect over 5000 properties throughout the municipality. If the fuel load on the property is deemed to be a fire hazard, the property owner will receive a Fire Prevention Notice.

Under the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Act 1958, Council has an obligation to ensure the community's risk associated with fire is reduced.

What do I have to do if I have received a Fire Prevention Notice?

You are required to take action immediately to avoid an infringement. You will need to:             long_grass_2.jpg                            

  • Clear long grass
  • Remove tree and garden waste
  • Clear general rubbish which could be a fire hazard
  • Take any other action as directed on the Fire Prevention Notice

The works must be carried out by the due date on the Notice. You must maintain your property in this state for the duration of the Fire Danger Period. The Fire Prevention Notice does not authorise you to remove shrubs and trees.

 But I've just cut my grass!

There is a slight delay between when the property is inspected and the issuing of a Fire Prevention Notice. If you have already carried out the works required on the Notice, then you don't need to worry. Just ensure that you maintain the property in this state for the rest of the Fire Danger Period.

What if I don't comply with a Fire Prevention Notice?

Follow up inspections are carried out on all properties that have been issued a Fire Prevention Notice. If the work required has not been carried out by the due date, a contractor will be engaged to carry out the works. The cost of the contractor, plus additional administration fees, will be passed on to the property owner. Once a Fire Prevention Notice has been issued, Council will not contact you prior to engaging contractors to undertake the works.

You may receive an infringement of up to 10 Penalty Units for failing to comply with a Fire Prevention Notice. The current 'on-the-spot' penalty is $1517. Council also has the legal right to initiating Court proceedings against the property owner. The maximum penalty is 120 Penalty Units ($18,200), and/or 12 months imprisonment.

I am having difficulty meeting the deadline

All requests for an extension on the due date will be to be made in writing to Council prior to the due date on the Fire Prevention Notice. In most cases, an additional 7 days will be granted.

I received a Fire Prevention Notice for a property I no longer own.

If you have received a Fire Prevention Notice for a property you no longer own, you should contact Council as soon as possible.

I want to make a complaint about a property that is a fire hazard.

To make a complaint about a property that you believe is a fire hazard, please contact Council on 9205 2200 via email, or through the Hume City Council App.

Updated : 4:36 PM, 9 October 2015

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