Getting Fire Ready

Making sure you, your family and your property are prepared for fire is crucial as summer approaches.

The CFA website is the best resource for up-to-date information on preparing for fire, including how to prepare your property and create a fire ready kit. They also provide information in 32 languages other than English.

Hume City Council is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Victoria, and many new estates are located on the Urban Fringe. Grassfires can be just as dangerous as bushfires, so it is important that you know what to do if you live directly next to grasslands, or one or more streets away from grassland.

Be prepared and have a written fire plan that your whole family knows. During summer, monitor weather conditions and fire danger ratings. Make sure you know what you and your family (including pets) will do on a Severe, Extreme or Code Red day.

It is important not to rely on only one source for fire warnings and advice. Download the Vic Emergency app, visit the Vic Emergency website, like the CFA's Facebook or Twitter, like Council's Emergency Information Facebook and listen to the radio. You can also subscribe to My CFA for information on preparing for fire, community meetings near you, and more.

When preparing your property, you may want to utilize Council's Organic Green Waste bins, or dispose of tree branches for FREE at one of Council's eighteen Mulching Days throughout the year.

Preparing the Municipality


Each year, Council works with Victorian Government and fire agencies to make sure our municipality is fire ready.

Actions included in the Municipal Fire Management Plan are put into place to help ensure Hume is a safer place to be during the fire danger period. The Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee meets annually to review the Victorian Fire Risk Register , which is used assess fire risk throughout the municipality. There is also a Post Season Status Review which reviews the previous fire season (2017/18).

Some of the activities Council undertakes are:

  • Increased roadside slashing activity
  • Grading bare-earth firebreaks
  • Mowing parks and reserves
  • Inspecting over 4500 private properties
  • Planned burns
  • Maintaining Fire Access Roads

Being fire aware and being prepared is a shared responsibility across government, emergency services and the community.

Working together we can help make sure Victoria is prepared for fire.

Updated : 12:16 PM, 6 December 2018

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