Together 3047

What is Together 3047?

Hume City is a diverse community with a range of needs and expectations and like every municipality, some areas are more prosperous than others. To overcome some of the disadvantage in the 3047 postcode area, Council has a plan to deliver long-term improvements for the local community and build a brighter future for residents – this initiative has been called Together 3047.

What will it do?

Together 3047 is a neighbourhood-based program, which means Council will be developing and partnering with community groups, schools, local residents and businesses.

It will deliver a range of long-term, sustainable improvements for the community, including projects to promote opportunities for local employment and training, and improve the appearance of our streets and public spaces.

The success of these projects will rely on community participation and ensure that the existing community and the growing population are supported now and into the future.

Key priorities of Together 3047 are to:

  1. Improve pathways to prosperity through education and training
  2. Encourage community pride through improved city amenity and cleanliness
  3. Create a strong sense of community connectedness and belonging
  4.  Improve the mix and quality of housing to support a range of lifestyles

Why are those priorities?

Residents with a strong sense of belonging are more likely to interact with their neighbours and feel safer within their communities.

This can be achieved by:

  • Improved social support networks that help reduce social disadvantage by increasing the availability of resources residents can access, and also support emotional and mental health
  • Reliable and meaningful employment that is fundamental to reducing social disadvantage. It also contributes to a strong local economy, improved liveability and appearance of the local area.
  • Improving the visual appearance of your neighbourhood, which has a direct impact on your sense of belonging and pride.
  • Urban planning and development is one of the top three long-term priorities for residents within the 3047 postcode. Providing high quality, affordable and a diverse range of housing options ensures residents have safe and stable accommodation and are able to remain connected to their local family and social support networks as their lifestyle changes.

Get involved with the Sharing Our Stories project

What is life like in Broadmeadows, Dallas or Jacana? Tell your story and let everyone know of your experience. You can share the triumphs, hardships, day-to-day living, or even how you came to live in postcode 3047.

Participants in the project will have the opportunity to learn story-making skills that range from video recording, to the editing of stories and the development of website content. These stories will be collected and collated for an interactive website and book.

If you’ve got a great story about life in postcode 3047 or want to assist in the development of the videos and the book, then register your interest by emailing or by phoning 9356 6999.

Further information

For more information on the Together 3047 initiatives, check out our fact sheets or information below:

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