Walking Your Dog

Where can I walk my dog off-leash?

This map shows places where dogs can be exercised off-leash (green), places where time restrictions apply (yellow), and places where no dogs are allowed at all (red).

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Hume has many parks for dog owners to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors with their pets

Certain parks and reserves have been designated off-leash areas, giving owners an opportunity to exercise their dog without a leash. For the health and safety of all open space users, dog owners are required to follow five simple rules:

  • dogs must be kept under control by means of a chain, cord or leash, which is no more than three metres in length
  • dogs should be on a leash at all times in public places, except in certain parks and reserves that are off leash areas (listed above)
  • dogs are not permitted within ten metres of playgrounds, barbecues or picnic areas
  • your dog should not harass people or other animals. Even when dogs are in off-leash areas, they must still be under effective voice control and in sight of their owner
  • dogs must be on a leash within five metres of shared footpaths and bicycle paths.

It is an offence for owners to not clean up after their dogs, as this is considered to be littering. Many off-leash areas within Hume City have 'poop scoop' bag dispensers, and bins for disposal of dog poo.

Dogs in Public Places Map.pdf

Dogs in Public Places Brochure.pdf


Updated : 5:00 PM, 12 August 2013

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