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Direct Debit

You can request to have your rates paid by direct debit instalments through your bank or financial institution.

Download: Rates_Direct_Debit_Request_Form.pdf

Pension Rebate

Check if the card you hold entitles you to a rate concession by visiting the Department of Health and Human services website.

Pension Rebate Application Form.pdf

Change of name or ownership

All changes of ownership and address must be advised in writing.

Link to Change of Name Form.pdf

Link to Change of Ownership - Buying Form.pdf - Buying

Link to Change of Ownership - Selling Form.pdf - Selling

Link to Change of Address Form.pdf

How do I change the mailing address for my rate notice?

To organise having a rate notices sent to a different address, the property owner needs to complete a Change of Address Form.pdf. Identification is required to verify the person completing the form is the owner.

I need a copy of my rate notice. Can I obtain one from Council?

Residents may collect a copy of their rate notice from any Council Customer Service Centre or have a copy mailed to them. To have a rate notice handed over the counter, identification needs to be supplied. Link to our Customer Service Centre locations.

Electronic delivery of rates notices

Future rate and instalment notices can be sent electronically.

There are three options when registering for electronic delivery of rate notices:

  1. Receive your rates notice via email directly to your inbox via https://hume.ezybill.com.au or
  2. Arrange your notice to be sent to your online banking account through bpay.com.au/bpayview

Selling your property – doing your own Conveyancing

If you are doing your own Conveyancing you may need the Property Enquiry Application Form.pdf to obtain the current rating information and any other information relating to the property. This form can be used to obtain a Land Information Certificate or a Building Regulation 326 form from Council.

Updated : 1:43 PM, 24 August 2017

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