Receive your rates notice electronically

You can receive your next rates notice electronically, instead of in the mail. 

Receiving your rates notice electronically is environmentally friendly and makes it easy to pay your rates online. 

There are two options when registering for electronic delivery of rate notices:

  1. Receive your rates notice via email directly to your inbox via or

  2. Arrange your notice to be sent to your online banking account through 
    Please note that, while most banks and financial institutions offer BPAY View, there are some exceptions.

If you need a copy of your rate notice, you can obtain one from a Hume Customer Service Centre – to have a rate notice handed over the counter, identification needs to be supplied. You can also contact Customer Service on (03) 9205 2200 and ask for a rates notice to be posted out to you.

Sign up before Wednesday 7 August 2019 to receive your first rates notices for the 2019/20 financial year electronically.


Are electronic rates notices secure?  

Yes. The rates notices are sent using a secure encrypted server, which means your information is protected. 

Will I receive future rates notices by post? 

No. Once you have signed up to receive electronic rates notices you will only receive them electronically. 

Where is my eNotices reference number? 

To sign up to receive your rates notice via email, you need your eNotices reference number. This appears on your rates notice. If you’re a first-time ratepayer, or if you can't find your last rates notice you can contact Customer Service on (03) 9205 2200 to be provided an eNotices reference number.

What about my tip pass?  

To redeem your tip pass you just need to print your electronic rates notices and take it to the tip with you. Unfortunately, we cannot currently accept digital rates notices at the tip. Council is working to upgrade the technology being used at landfill sites in order to allow the scanning of barcodes from electronic devices.
If you are unable to print your rates notice, you can collect a rates notice from a Hume Customer Service Centre or contact Customer Service on (03) 9205 2200 and ask for a rates notice to be posted out to you. 


Updated : 11:36 AM, 17 July 2019

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