Youth Adventures

How good are school holidays? Don't sit around the house, make the most of them with us!

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Youth Adventures is a program of school holiday for 12 to 25 year olds.

 Download the full program of Youth Adventures activities here!

Learn new skills and have fun with a wide range of activities taking place from Monday 13 January - Friday 24 January 2020, including:

  • Community Fun Day
  • Opening Day
  • City Photography Day
  • Surfing
  • Ferry Ride, Picnic & Ice Cream
  • Pride March Prep
  • Funfields
  • Big Bash League - Cricket
  • Movie Night
  • Victoria Night Market
  • CPR Training
  • Games Day
  • Sunbury Youth Centre Open Day
  • Paint Like Picasso Art Workshop

Download the full program of Youth Adventures activities here!

You can also now register for events through Eventbrite (you can still call 9205 2556 if you prefer).

PLUS don't forget to check out the youth events happening at Hume Libraries, including workshops on Piper Computers and more!


Updated : 12:12 PM, 19 December 2019

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