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Land and Biodiversity Plan 2015-2019

Hume supports many significant heritage, landscape and biodiversity values. This includes a range of indigenous plants, threatened vegetation communities, wildlife, waterways and sites of cultural and geological significance. Many of these values, such as the ancient River Red Gums and deep waterway valleys of the volcanic plains, define the character of our landscape and contribute strongly to Hume City’s identity and sense of place. Download the Land_and_Biodiversity_Plan_2015-2019 to find out more.

Rural Community Engagement Plan

A Rural Community Engagement Plan was developed in 2014 to guide Council’s engagement with the rural community. It identifies several opportunities to address land management issues through engagement activities and partnerships. Download the Rural Community Engagement Plan for further information.

Land and Biodiversity Guidelines

The Land & Biodiversity Guidelines is a series of fact sheets which have been developed as a resource to assist rural landowners and community groups to protect and improve natural resources and rural land.

Hume abounds in natural resources, including native vegetation, wildlife, waterways and soils. These resources support both the healthy function of ecosystems, such as grasslands and woodlands, and agricultural productivity. To ensure these values are sustained into the future, it is important they are protected and improved where possible.

Visit our Conservation programs and information web page where you can access this series of fact sheets.

RE-Source Newsletter

RE-Source is a quarterly publication aimed to inform rural landowners and managers of land management issues, assist in the identification of land management threats and bring awareness of Council related programs and opportunities. Download the latest issue of RE-Source for the most up to date news.

Plant and weed Identification

Please visit our Pest Plants page for more information. If you find a plant on your property and you are not sure what it is, you can call the Sustainable Environment on 9205 2200 for assistance in its identification.


For more information about rural land management issues in Hume download the following documents:



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